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  • The land of diverse cultures

    Singapore, the sovereign city-state of Southeast Asia, also known as the Lion City, is the mixed cultural hub. The diversity of cultures, languages, religions and languages in this country is more than in any other part of the world. The reason why tourists are attracted to this region of the world is only the existence […]

  • Venice- the place to get lost forever

    The historic city of Venice consists of around 118 small islands and various lagoons. Entirely surrounded by water body and small rivers, this city is famed for its marvellous views and architecture. From all over the world, large groups of visitors gather by Venice cruise, every year to experience the ambience of this beautiful city. […]

  • Cruise to know about the past

    Travellers from all over the world can be divided into two categories. The first group of people who travel for the sake of fun and adventure, and second, those who are curious to know about history. No book is as informative as the place itself to know about past cultures and traditions. How the people […]

  • Exploring the Far East

    Few places on the earth are quite full of startling contrasts, and few places leave such a lasting impression. From the sweet scents of incense out from the temples to the to the sight of pedal-powered rickshaws. Or from the taste of exquisitely spiced curries served on banana leaf plates to the haunting cry of […]