Bangkok- the land of white elephants

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is famous for its..

Bangkok- the land of white elephants

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is famous for its vibrant street life and nightlife. It’s a real specimen of Asian culture civilisation. The energy of life here in this city is like none other. It makes every traveller to this city have a vibrant experience. The charm and energy of life here are overwhelming. It makes the city a famous tourist spot in Asia. Other than that, it is also named as the land of white elephants. If you are interested enough to have a royal and adventurous ride on the elephant and explore wild life, cruise to Bangkok as soon as possible.

Heading towards Bangkok:

If you are a travelling soul who loves to enjoy the rush of positive energy through his body whenever he is at some full of life place then, Bangkok is the city that you must visit. A fun lover always knows that the best moments of the journey are sometimes that of the travelling. To make the most of your money and energy and collect some of the best memories for your lifetime, try Cruising to Bangkok. The cruises to Bangkok in 2018 are promising you the best holiday travel of your life and this commitment is entirely right taking in consideration the hospitality of the Cruise crew, five-star restaurants with cuisine peculiar to the destination and the wonders of water travel. So get ready for cruising to Bangkok this summer.

City explorations:

It is a city that demands to be explored properly. The main feature of the city is its energetic street life. From food items to many other things, all are available here. The main activities that you and your family can enjoy here are:

  • Exploring Wang Lang market that is located just across the river to the famous Grand Palace. This place is known for the delicious Thai delicacies that have a wide variety of fish items mainly.
  • The most energetic part of the city is China Town. This place is always teeming with tourists and is a tourist hotspot. Here you can have a closer look at the Chinese culture that is old and gold.
  • If you are a fish lover and enjoy observing sparkling and beautiful fishes, you must visit Jatukak Fish Market. Here thousands of varieties of living fishes are available all
  • Giving some historical touch to the city, Wat Saket and Wat Arun is the famous Buddhist Climbing the stairs of Wat Saket may be a challenging task but believe me, once you do it you will never regret it once you reach its top. Here you can have a most incredible top view of the whole city.
  • Grand Palace and Jim Thompson Home are among the other places where you and your family will love spending their time.
  • The top activity here to do is visiting the sleeping Buddha, a giant Buddha statue and the temple here is also a miracle of art.

So open the door of happiness and let the joy come in by cruising to Bangkok.

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