Be free to admire the essence of nature

As it is always coated, the beauty lies in the..

Be free to admire the essence of nature

As it is always coated, the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, I must say when you have a travelling soul, and the whole earth is your destination, you will never stop praising all the things that have been created by The Creator. Wherever you go and how long you may stay, you will find peace by just being among living creatures. You will love the job of just wandering and praising whatever you encounter in your way, to any destination.

To elaborate, in clear words, beauty is not about specific characters, defined traits and about known categories and standards. It is about what pleases your eyes, which calms your soul, and that leaves a permanent impression in your thoughts. Neither it is limited to one person, nor can we just link it to one particular place. It is about the random selection, a synchronised choice of your heart and mind about anything. Another myth is, beauty is never long lasting. I deny this statement by modifying it as the beauty remains the same throughout the life, but yes, it does change its forms. From being attractive to charismatic, from lovely to irresistible and from good looking to sensual. The thing that changes is the ability of beholder to judge the same thing. The appreciator gets old and cold to visualise the same beauty as before. It’s the weakness of beholder not the fault of anything that is beautiful.

For instance, you visit a place, come across various roads and paths, meet many people in your way, try different cuisines, and many other things. But as soon as you reached the destination it never remains just about that place. The pleasure and adventure are in travelling to that location, and the beauty is about interacting with all the forces of nature to reach that place. Like human beings, if he experiences the same thing for many many and any times, it never matters how exotic the thing is, it becomes ordinary for him. The thing never remains as it is for a human to judge it. In short, it is not the power of a person to classify things as beautiful and ugly.

The every turn you made on curvy roads, alongside covered with trees and beaches sometimes may be with rocky hills, there lies a memory. The every single moment you spend on the deck while sailing, viewing the sun rise or sun set, or just counting days on the calendar to reach that place. The beauty is when you smile when alone, remembering a beautiful girl you have seen and tried to flirt somewhere in this world. The thought of the food you have tasted, and you try to collaborate it with your cooking to merge flavours. All these pleasures are about the beauty of travelling. The curiosity of discovering what you have not seen yet. The art of creating something new from the thing that world have seen for years. Getting inspired and planning to inspire, is the secret of beauty.

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