Cruise from Barcelona, Spain to Palermo, Italy on the Costa Cruises

If you wish to spend your family holidays dynamically, then..

Cruise from Barcelona, Spain to Palermo, Italy on the Costa Cruises

If you wish to spend your family holidays dynamically, then Costa Cruises, the world famous cruise line is the best choice. Cruise from Barcelona, Spain to Palermo, Italy offers you an electrifying and vibrant journey. You will enjoy the refined and intriguing atmosphere. Costa cruises aim to satisfy the cruisers with quality service.  At sea, shops, fitness facilities and multiple pools will keep you entertained along with culinary events and dance classes. You will surely admit that this is the best way to travel in comfort and style.

Cruise from Barcelona, Spain to Palermo, Italy offers a spectacular and peppy journey. Smell the aroma of pizza wafting through the air in Italy. Shop top brand clothing and combine shopping with relaxation in cosy cafes of Savona. Discover the beautifully ornamented churches in Palermo. Take a stroll on wheels and soak up the sea air and impressive scenery at Paseo Maritimo.

Destination Exploration:

  • Savona- Italy:

Savona is a real gem with lots of sparks. One of the main attractions of the city, a high tower is also located here. San Giovanni Battista Church has witnessed many important events and has kept many memorable happenings. Art Gallery of Savona interests the art-lovers, which exhibits priceless canvases of medieval masters and contemporary authors.

  • Naples- Italy:

Naples has a bounty of must-see attractions for tourists. National Archeological Museum holds one of the world’s most beautiful collections of antiquities. The Cathedral is the most popular sight here. In the south aisle is the magnificent chapel of San Gennaro, patron and saint of Naples. On its main altar, a silver bust contains the skull of a martyred saint. The five-towered Castle Nuovo was the residence of kings and viceroys of Naples, and its history reflects the various rulers.

  • Palermo- Italy:

Palermo is noted for its history, culture and gastronomy. Cappella Palatina was the court church of Normans. There is a mystical semi-darkness in this triple-aisled basilica, and only a shimmer of gold pierce it. The wooden ceiling of the central aisle has Arabic style decoration. However, it is the mosaics, covering all the internal walls for which the chapel is most famous. The incredible collection of antiques in Palermo’s Archeological Museum is one of the finest in Italy and includes some world famous finds.

  • Palma de Majorca- Spain:

Palma is a vibrant city with a fascinating history. You cannot miss Palma’s stunning cathedral, which is an iconic landmark. Go early to witness the morning light streaming through the glorious stained-glass windows. The Royal Palace of Almudena was initially a Muslim fortress.  You will admire the tapestries and artefacts of the olden times. The Museum of Spanish Contemporary Art is a beautiful place with a permanent collection of big names like Picasso and Miro.

Recharge your battery with exciting and fascinating destinations. Reserve your family holidays with Costa Cruises and give your senses an extra treat of scenic beauty. Pop along the historical places and experience the cultural flavour. Hurry up and add a bonus to your happiness.

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