Cruise from Bilbao to Cherbourg on Celebrity Cruises

The remarkable cruise line Celebrity Cruises is the mark of..

Cruise from Bilbao to Cherbourg on Celebrity Cruises

The remarkable cruise line Celebrity Cruises is the mark of modern luxury. Its holiday packages take you to exotic destinations all around the world. This cruise line is highly sophisticated and warmly inviting. Cruise from Bilbao to Cherbourg will make your holidays extra special through kinky and outlandish havens. Celebrity Cruises come up to the exceeding expectations with high quality and exceptional cuisine.

Cruise from Bilbao to Cherbourg offers sizzling and energetic voyage that will make your holidays flamboyant. Delve into the unique Basque culture in Archaeological Museum of Bilbao. For leisurely walks, go to Dona Casilda Park in Bilbao. Delight in Galician artwork in the municipal museum at Vigo. Browse the art collection in Fundacion Social Centre and stroll around its lovely indoor gardens. Relish the stroll in the major shopping street Rue du Commerce at Vigo.

Destinations Exploration:

  • Bilbao, Spain:

Visitors flock to Bilbao to see the famous Guggenheim Museum. It dazzles with its innovative modern architecture and extensive collection.  The excellent collection includes modern and contemporary art created since the 1950s until the present day. The Archaeological Museum permits visitors to discover the region’s olden history and learn about the differences between the past and the present. The exhibits display fascinating archaeological objects that give insights into the unique Basque culture. The Dona Casilda Park is a beautifully expansive green space in the Romantic style. Neoclassical statues, lovely fountains, and a large lake adorn the park.

  • Vigo, Spain:

Marco de Vigo is the city’s contemporary art museum, which houses in the former city prison. The museum has no permanent collection. Instead, it acts as an exhibition and cultural space for displaying modern art. Monte O Castro is a hill and community park, rising from the centre of the city. It is a place for history buffs and sports fans. At its top sits O Castro Castle, which offers a spectacular view of the city. The municipal museum of the town is one of the most beautiful buildings in Vigo. The exhibits include archaeological remains found in the city as well as a collection of Galician artwork. The fish and seafood in Vigo are incredible. If you go out for tapas, then fish and seafood will be on the menu there in the shape of dishes.

  • Cherbourg, France:

Museum Emmanuel Liais has a wide range of archaeology and ethnography display. Its assortments recall the fact that many explorers set out from Cherbourg. Holy Trinity Basilica, Cherbourg’s main church displays a whole mix of styles. Musee Thomas Henry is the art museum in the centre of the town. It contains works of celebrated international figures and paintings by a native Thomas Henry. In the heart of the city, Rue du Commerce is a major shopping street whose shops attract both tourists and locals.

Plan your modern luxury holidays today. Sail beyond your borders and expand your horizons. Take the weight off your feet and hug the fun and excitement, these breathtaking and jaw-dropping destinations have to offer.

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