Cruise from Buenos Aires, Argentina to San Antonio on the Princess Cruises

The top-notch cruise line Princess Cruises are taking you to..

Cruise from Buenos Aires, Argentina to San Antonio on the Princess Cruises

The top-notch cruise line Princess Cruises are taking you to a vibrant and catchy voyage aiming at unlimited fun. Cruise from Buenos Aires, Argentina to San Antonio will make your family holidays awesome by taking you to the breathtaking journey. This cruise line provides you sumptuous and luxurious accommodation. You can fuel your energy by indulging in delightful music, films, and nightclubs. Enjoy exceptional world-class cuisine that suits your taste goblets.

Cruise from Buenos Aires, Argentina to San Antonio designates a peppy and electrifying journey for you. Visit Plaza Dorrego for antiques. Catch a glimpse of historical attractions at Old Town Montevideo. Scan the classic masterpieces at Museum of Fine Arts Montevideo. Browse all the eateries Stanley has to offer. To collect the dining sophistication, visit Café Tortoni. Experience the replica of Magellan’s expedition ship and plunge in a perfect holiday package.

Destinations Exploration:

  • Buenos Aires- Argentina:

Buenos Aires is famous for its outstanding culture and its European influenced architecture. The National Museum of Fine Art earns high praise from visitors because of its phenomenal collection of European and Argentine artists. Teatro Colon Opera House is one of the top tourist attractions here with nearly 2500 seats and standing room for 1000 people. Carlos Thays Botanical Garden is home to more than 5000 species of plants, many in organised displays

  • Montevideo- Uruguay:

Montevideo is a very manageable city, and it is easy to explore its different sides. Teatro Solis is the most important theatre in Uruguay. Its main hall has space for 1500 people and is used for performances of operas and theatre events and concerts. Mercado del Puerto is a building made of steel. It boasts a good range of restaurants, and the majority of them offer the speciality ‘parrilla’, a grill for sausages, meat and seafood. Montevideo has many beaches, a few on the outskirts of the city and along the Rambla, and more near the Old Town.

  • Stanley- Falkland Islands:

Stanley is the capital of Falkland Islands and is home to more than 2000 people. The city’s quaint wood clad homes have bright colours with corrugated iron roofs and overlook picturesque Stanley Harbour. Visitors can spend a pleasant day exploring the streets on foot, taking in such sights as the many marine and military monuments, the Victorian police station, as well as post office and court buildings. Other highlights include Jubilee Villas and the Tabernacle, a Victorian church.

  • Punta Arenas- Chile:

The Maggiorino Borgatello Salesian Museum is a real pride of Punta Arenas and displays an archaeological, historical and biological collection of the region. People who wish to learn about the history of the city, the Punta Arenas cemetery is one of the most visited places with its tombs and lawns. Sara Braun Palace and Jose Menendez Residence are two of the most representative sites of the history and architecture of the city.

Sketch out your family holidays with our top-drawer cruise line without further delay, the possibilities are many and highly creative for a perfect family holiday.

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