Cruise from Copenhagen to the Geiranger, Norway on Royal International Caribbean cruises

Royal Caribbean Cruises are famed for the family-friendly, laid-back and..

Cruise from Copenhagen to the Geiranger, Norway on Royal International Caribbean cruises

Royal Caribbean Cruises are famed for the family-friendly, laid-back and the fun voyages all over the globe while experiencing revolution and evolution along with the upscale comfort and modern luxury voyages. This holiday they are offering to cruise from Copenhagen to the Geiranger, Norway. Offering an incredible selection of great sailing values, holiday destinations, new unique journeys, ideal itineraries and the exotic features, ships from carnival fleet will take your heart away. The excitement does not stop here. The vessel ensures that your family holidays be unforgettable one by featuring lavish shows, glamorous casinos, lively clubs, sumptuous gourmet dining, huge pools, shopping malls and much more.

This world famous cruise line has kept its place on the list of most wanted ships company. While cruising from Copenhagen to the Geiranger, Norway you get to enjoy all the treats of these two fascinating holidays’ destinations, throughout the voyage, you will get to explore and enjoy the welcoming ambience of various other ports of calls. Included in the list are the Stavanger- Norway, Bergen- Norway, Alesund- Norway and the Geiranger- Norway.

Destination Explorations:

  • Geiranger- Norway:

A perfect location and a magnet for outdoor adventurers is no place other than Geiranger in Norway. From marathon to a bike race and numerous outdoor sports and activities can be enjoyed to the fullest here. Other than adventuresome destination it is also the World Heritage site, a most loved stop-over for cruise ships that features and attracts travellers with its majestic fjord and waterfalls. The captivating ones and must visit include the De Syv Sostrene- the Seven Sisters Falls, the Friaren- the Suitor and the Brudesloret- the Bridal Veil Fall. The steep mountainsides, WaterFalls teasing the cliffs with feather‐light sheer veils, display of changing rainbows to fill you with delight and wonder is all that can make you lost here for the rest of your lives.

  • Stavanger- Norway:

On the southwestern coast of Norway, one of the oldest communities of the world are situated in the region of Stavanger. The offshore islands have a vibrant ambience that is pleasing to many travellers and most captivating of all is the mild maritime climate that is just perfect for an ideal holiday. The incredibly dynamic cultural hub, several nearby lakes, most beautiful and best-preserved wooden buildings, a tranquil coastal market town, fishing ports, well-preserved old town of Gamle Stavanger, 12th-century Stavanger Cathedral and the unique Canning Museum are best to have a sight of. It will be awesome if you can make it to the International Chamber Music Festival and the MaiJazz Festival that are held in August and May respectively.

  • Bergen- Norway:

A gateway to majestic fjords, the colourful Norwegian city with an authentic sense of the local culture and the backdrop of Hanseatic commercial buildings is the beautiful city of Bergen- Norway. The 19th-century former villa of composer Ole Bull holds a fairytale charm and is captivating as surrounded by breathtaking scenery. The city itself is surrounded seven hills and seven fjords, and it was used to be the vital seaport.

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