Cruise from Filia Rheni II to Amsterdam on Saga Cruises

The globally acknowledged cruise line Saga Cruises is voyaging you..

Cruise from Filia Rheni II to Amsterdam on Saga Cruises

The globally acknowledged cruise line Saga Cruises is voyaging you to heart throbbing destinations. The purpose of this cruise line is definitely to make your family holidays tasteful and unimaginably beautiful. Cruise from Filia Reni II to Amsterdam offers dynamic havens to let you dive into the sea of pleasure. Saga Cruises provides you with excellent dining, top entertainment, first class service and lavish surroundings. Pick quickly whether you want to socialise and get active, just relax or learn a new skill. There is a facility of enjoying live music, and you can attend art and craft classes.

Cruise from Filia Reni II to Amsterdam overtures dazzling and captivating places that are sure to give you haunting and memorable family holidays. Explore the Royal Palace and awe by its grandeur and classy décor. Reward yourself by strolling in the tranquil spot of The Begijnhof at Amsterdam. Sift the Arnhem, which is an ideal spot for exploring museums and cultural attractions

Destination Exploration:

  • Wijk bij Duurstede, Netherland:

Castle Duurstede is a 13th-century medieval castle, and one can access it through the drawbridge. It originated when Zweder I Van Zuylen built a freestanding keep on a raised and moated site near the lost city Dorestad. The old donjon is an excellent example of medieval towers. The walls are 2.5 meters copious. The original entering was at the second level. Special events are held at the castle throughout the year due to its unique location and picturesque setting. The windmill painting is world famous painting and rightly so. In this impressive composition, Ruisdael united all the typical Dutch elements: the low-lying land, the water and the expansive sky, manipulating them to converge on the equally original Dutch watermill.

  • Arnhem, Netherland:

Netherlands Open Air Museum is one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions. This excellent museum focuses on the living and working conditions of both rural population and townsfolk. The highlights include typical farmhouses and anglers’ homes, windmills of all kinds and a variety of craft workshops. Bronbeek Museum lies in a retirement home and is one of the oldest in the Netherlands. It displays weapons, uniforms and medals. The Royal Burgers’ Zoo is also well worth a visit especially when you are visiting with youngsters. The zoo is famous for its collection of chimpanzees and gorillas, an extensive collection of birds and many great rock enclosures.

  • Amsterdam, Netherland:

Amsterdam is the leading cultural centre of Netherland and the most popular tourist destination. The Rijksmuseum is undoubtedly the most important repository and houses country’s massive collection of rare art and antiquities. The museum’s impressive collection includes some seven million works of art. It also boasts a well-stocked library of more than 35000 books and manuscripts. West Church is the most famous church in Amsterdam. This Renaissance church is unusual due to its many internal and external Gothic features. The Royal Palace has the architecture of ancient Rome. Its exterior is strictly classical while the interior is magnificently furnished.

Instantly leave your monotonous routine and pack your luggage for a fantastic and ravishing journey. Hoard all the fabulous moments of happiness and make your holidays unforgettable.

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