Cruise from Kelheim to Budapest on Saga Cruises

The most famous cruise line of the world Saga Cruises..

Cruise from Kelheim to Budapest on Saga Cruises

The most famous cruise line of the world Saga Cruises offers some wacky destinations with the purpose to make your family holidays peculiar. Cruise from Kelheim to Budapest is taking you capricious and far-fetched havens to give you tons of pleasure. Stand out from the mob Saga Cruises offer first class service, exquisite dining, top entertainment and frilly surroundings. If you want to get active, socialise, learn a new skill or just relax, you can make a choice quickly. If you are a music worshipper, you have the facility to enjoy live music.

Cruise from Kelheim to Budapest offers insane and ludicrous places that will make your family holidays unforgettable. Sift a single observation deck UFO at Bratislava for the most beautiful sunset. Probe into Budapest art gallery for an extensive collection of works. Dig into Gellert Hills and lure by its springs. Art fancier must head to Passau to praise the modern art of 21st century. If you want to enjoy 17th century unique art, go to Primate Palace.

Destination Exploration:

  • Passau, Germany:

St. Nikola Church was a former Augustinian monastery and was transformed into a baroque church at the beginning of 18th century. Its Romanesque vault is one of the few leftovers of those times. Fortress Veste Oberhaus Museum is a fantastic attraction here. The castle consists of gothic, baroque and renaissance parts. Inside the fortress, you will find outstanding displays documenting the history and art history of Passau and its surroundings. Museum of Modern Art is located in one of the old town’s most beautiful house. The museum presents the modern art of 20th and 21st century. International exhibitions offer the delight to see the works of different contemporary artists.

  • Budapest, Hungary:

Paris of the East Budapest is famous for its thermal springs. Towering over the Danube, Castle Hill contains the most spectacular Buda Castle, a massive 200-room palace. Its interior houses museums, including the Hungarian National Gallery and Budapest History Museum. St. Stephen’s Basilica of Budapest is a famous attraction for the beauty of its interior, its impressive architecture and the panoramic views from its dome. The scenic Gellert Hill is Budapest’s most striking feature. It is here along the hill’s geological fault line that city’s most famous medicinal springs emerge.

  • Bratislava, Slovakia:

Primate’s Palace is a classic palace, which houses a gallery depositing a unique collection of six English tapestries from the 17th century. Michael’s Gate is the only well-kept gate of the city’s fortification system dates back to the 14th century. The upper terrace of its high tower provides an enchanting view of the Bratislava Castle and the Old Town. The tower boasts the Museum of Arms. Built in the Art Nouveau style, Blue Church is remarkable for the blue colour of its façade. It was made with attention to detail with mosaic.

Fabricate the plan of your family holidays with our incredible cruise line. You are assured to have a pleasant and jovial time. Get rid of your dull routine, plunge into heart-throbbing destinations, and become eccentric.

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