Cruise from Los Angles to Ensenada on Carnival Cruises

The world famous cruise line Carnival Cruises is taking you..

Cruise from Los Angles to Ensenada on Carnival Cruises

The world famous cruise line Carnival Cruises is taking you to mesmerising holiday destinations. Cruise from Los Angles to Ensenada offers electrifying and sparkling places to fill your family holidays with fun and zeal. Carnival goes in for fun, relaxed and family-friendly cruising. It boasts fitness facilities and multiple pool areas. Beyond traditional dining, Carnival has focused on expanding its dining options. It also offers the usual mishmash of onboard activities, from traditional napkin-folding classes to waterslide races.

Cruise from Los Angles to Ensenada overtures vibrant and dynamic havens. For the best collection of Polynesian arts and artefacts head to Bishop Museum in Honolulu. Wander through some theme gardens that Arboretum maintains. Hit up Ensenada’s Tacos Lucero if you are a huge fan of tacos. Flock to La Bufadora for a shore excursion and get wet. Sample excellent Hawaii Regional cuisine at Maui restaurants. Flock to Maui’s beaches for total relaxation and activities on the water.

Destination Exploration:

  • Maui, Hi:

The Bailey House Museum displays what life was like for original Missionary families. You will also see ancient Hawaiian artefacts found on Kaho’olawe, and one of Duke Kahanamoku’s surfboards rest outside in the lawn. Haleakala Crater at Haleakala National Park is a legendary, magical and mythological spot. Visitors enjoy a magic show at sunrise and sunset each day. Visit the park for hiking the backcountry trails and watching the stars come out. Hamoa Beach is a lively and most relaxing town in Maui. Palm trees hang over salt-and-pepper sand at the point where pasture meets the sea. Other attractions include Honolua Bay, Maui Arts and Culture Center and Napili Bay.

  • Honolulu, Hi:

Waikiki is famous for its giant crescent-shaped beach where visitors come to lie in the sun, surf and swim. Restaurants, hotels and stores line the oceanfront street backing Waikiki Beach. The botanical garden Lyon Arboretum in a rainforest features over 5000 tropical plants from Hawaii and Polynesia. It has one of the most excellent collections of palms found in a botanical garden. Iolani Palace is an impressive neo-classic building and is the official residence of Hawaii’s monarchy. This building is a great place to experience Hawaiian history.

 Ensenada, Mexico:

Ensenada’s Malecon is a lovely, wide path along the oceanfront. Initially, the Malecon is quiet, but it hits attractions and restaurants for tourists. It is an excellent way to start an exploration of Ensenada in a relaxed way. One of the big things on Malecon is a huge Mexican flag and pole. Museo de Historia is a well presented, small museum and home to the Casa del Culturo. The museum is about the history of the area from the time of Baja California to today, highlighting the history of the indigenous people. Caracol Museum, the science museum is quite small but very well presented. There is information on global warming, Earth and planets, and the treasures located under the sea.

Chalk out your holiday plan immediately to enjoy amazing destinations. Fill your holidays with a variety of unique and entertaining attractions. Whether you prefer living history or off-the-beaten-path adventures, these highlights will lead you in the right direction.

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