Cruise from Orlando, Florida to the George Town, the Cayman Islands on Norwegian cruises

Holidays are about spending quality time with friends and family..

Cruise from Orlando, Florida to the George Town, the Cayman Islands on Norwegian cruises

Holidays are about spending quality time with friends and family or about taking off the beaten path and look forward towards enjoying your own time. This summer, the world-class and the famous cruise line is offering you an incredible experience of cruising from Orlando, Florida to the George Town, Cayman Islands.

This holiday select discovering the incredible history of the Florida to the hiking and exotic beaches in the Cayan Islands and beyond. Norwegian cruises feature an exciting range of entertainment venues onboard along with the live lounge musicians, hilarious and emotionally-inspiring theatrical explosions, belly-busting comedic acts and much more. Cruising from Orlando to the George Town not only will let you explore the fascinating nations but also give a tremendous opportunity to explore other port of calls. Included in the list are the Nassau- Bahamas, Falmouth- Jamaica and the Great Stirrup Cay- Islands.

Destination Explorations:

  • Orlando, Florida:

Orlando is reputed as the magical land for the kids and the family holidays in Florida are indeed a dream destination in all aspects. The main tourist’s attractions like the Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, Magic Kingdom, Disney’s animal kingdom, Epcot, Islands of adventure and the Disney’s Hollywood Studios are always crowded with families from various parts of the world. Other attractions include the Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando, Discovery Cove and the Walt Disney World where kids feel themselves as the park of royal land. If you want to do something extraordinary for your kids, cruise from Orlando to the George Town, let them have the biggest smiles on their face.

  • Nassau, Bahamas:

Boosting stretches of vivid coral reefs and the spectacular range of exotic beaches, Nassau welcomes its guests with the open heart. Being the capital of Bahamas, this city if fully loaded with a variety of tourists attractive sites. Included in the list are the Atlantis Paradise Island, Blue Lagoon Island, Fort Fincastle, Fort Charlotte, Dolphin Encounters, Pirates of Nassau, and Pompey Museum, Balcony house, Fort Montagu and the National art gallery of the Bahamas.

  • Falmouth, Jamaica:

Falmouth is one of the most enchanting lands in the Jamaica. Here the most visited sites include Martha Brae Rafting Village, Greenwood Great House, Water Square, Burwood public beach, Outameni experience and the White bay. To enjoy the authentic Jamaican ambience in this fantastic city, have a walk to Falmouth’s streets, boost flavoursome venture by dining at a Dairy Queen and Quiznos, or you can also wander along the narrow passages lined with Caribbean-style buildings. Whatever you chose to enjoy your holidays here, don’t forget to taste a Jamaican patty filled with meat or chicken and vegetables and the barbecue famed by the name of jerk chicken.

  • George Town, Cayman Islands:

One of the most popular cruising ships destinations in Cayman Island is the George Town. One will love to have a view of Camana Bay, Smith’s Barcadre, Locked Inn, Cayman Spirits, Ft. George Ruins, Cayman Islands National Museum and the Heroes Square.

  • Great Stirrup Cay, Islands:

It is a privately owned island by the Norwegian Cruise Line but is an exciting stop offering a wide variety of activities. It will be fun while enjoying waterfront activities and snorkelling in the diving areas of this Island.

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