Cruise from Rome to Valletta on Norwegian Cruises

The world-class Norwegian Cruise line is a trendsetter in cruise..

Cruise from Rome to Valletta on Norwegian Cruises

The world-class Norwegian Cruise line is a trendsetter in cruise travel and breaks the borders of tradition. Cruise from Rome to Valletta enables you to spend your precious holidays dynamically by offering fantastic destinations. Travelling on Norwegian means many distinct dining choices, comfortable attire, theatres, and other entertainment and activity options. Norwegian offers much accommodations that suit every guest’s requirement.

Cruise from Rome to Valletta offers vibrant and fascinating havens to decorate your costly holiday period. Rest your weary feet at most picturesque Stradun and be awed. Peep into Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar, a stunning fortress. Romanticise your holidays by taking a gondola ride along Grand Canal. Enjoy the assortment of boats always passing under the Rialto Bridge. Peep into Grand Master’s Palace and discover its magnificence.

Destination Exploration:

  • Dubrovnik, Croatia:

The old city walls of Dubrovnik is one of its best-known features. These formidable walls make an excellent spot for a casual stroll and offer numerous magnificent views over the Adriatic and inwards over the old city centre. The Stradun of Dubrovnik is undoubtedly spectacular through the street and boasts many cafes and restaurants. Famous for its limestone paving, the thoroughfare dates back to 1468 and is worth seeing. Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar is one of Croatia’s most important fortresses. It is notable for its unusual triangular layout with its three terraces. Other attractions include Dubrovnik Cathedral and Treasury, The City Gates, The Square of Loggia and The Big Fountain of Onofrio.

  • Venice, Italy:

Grand Canal is the principal boulevard through the city. Palaces of all the chief families open onto the canal. Their dramatic Venetian Gothic and early Renaissance facades face the water. A tour along the canal by Vaporetto is the most classic mode to see them. Rialto Bridge supports two busy lanes and a dual set of shops. Besides serving as an active crossing point midway along the canal, it is a favourite vantage point for tourists posing for snaps. Santa Maria Gloriosa church contains a wealth of artistic treasures. A vital wood statue of St John the Baptist by Donatello is in the right transept. The Monks’ Choir is an outstanding sample of the woodcarving of Marco Cozzi.

  • Valletta, Malta:

Saint John’s Co-Cathedral is a testimony to the wealth and importance of the Knights of Malta. The simple façade belies its magnificent interior that looks more like a jewellery box. The church features opulently decorated and ostentatiously gilded walls. The Grand Master’s Palace is Valletta’s most magnificent building. On the upper floor of the palace, grandiose hallways feature lavish 18th-century Baroque ceiling paintings that impress the visitors. The gilded detail and works of art decorate the enormous States Room. The National Museum of Archaeology is especially noteworthy. Its archaeology collection tells the story of Malta through 100 objects.

Plan your trip with us and make your holidays sensational and peppy. Feel free to explore the world and avail the chance of acquiring a lifetime enchantment. Bask in the rain of limitless felicity and gusto and romanticise your prized time.

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