Cruise from Tokyo, Japan to the Ketchikan, Alaska on Norwegian cruises

Holidays are about spending quality time with friends and family..

Cruise from Tokyo, Japan to the Ketchikan, Alaska on Norwegian cruises

Holidays are about spending quality time with friends and family or about taking off the beaten path and look forward towards enjoying some time. This summer, the world-class and the famous cruise line, the Norwegian Cruises, is offering you an incredible experience of cruising from Tokyo, Japan to the Ketchikan, Alaska.

Norwegian cruises feature an exciting range of onboard entertainment venues along with the live lounge musicians, hilarious and emotionally-inspiring theatrical explosions, belly-busting comedic acts and much more. Cruising from Tokyo, Japan to the Ketchikan, Alaska not only will let you explore the fascinating nations but also give a tremendous opportunity to explore other port of calls. Included in the list are the Shimizu- Japan, Aomori- Japan, Hakodate- Japan, Muroran- Japan, Petropavlovsk- Russia, Seward- Alaska, Icy Strait Point­- Alaska, Juneau- Alaska and the Skagway- Alaska.

Destination Explorations:

  • Shimizu- Japan:

The highest point in Japan with its most beautiful scenery and landscape resembling paradise is a charming city of Shimizu. It features more for an adventurer than for a person looking for a holiday destination to dance-off all days. Mt Fuji is a major attraction here that drives loads of tourists from all over the globe. Also, it is a great location for nature lovers and photographers and for those who want to relax.

  • Aomori- Japan:

Exploring Aomori is all about the enchanting experience of viewing the land of Japan to see fascinations and top attractions other than their developing technology. Some significant things to see and do in this fascinating city includes Seibi-en, Sannai-Maruyama sites, Sukayu Onsen, Gappo park, Jogakura bridge and the Aomori museum art. Also, the places like Nebuta house wrasse, Asamushi aquarium, forest museum, Perfectual museum, Tambo art, bay bridge, Momiji Yama and the Komise Dori are fascinating to explore.

  • Hakodate- Japan:

Hakodate is the perfect place to fall in love with the sun setting in the ocean, viewing it from the Mount Hakodate in Japan. The world famous place for the cherry blossoms and fresh seafood is an ideal holiday destination for those who love food and love to be closer to nature. The nostalgic city line, glamorous European buildings and churches, red-brick warehouses surrounding the waterfront and breathtaking views from steep hillside will leave you mesmerised for the rest of your lives.

  • Muroran- Japan:

Must to see tourists sites here include Wanishi Park, Hakucho Bridge, Muroran public aquarium, Chikiumisaki Lighthouse, Sokuryozan, Cape Etomo, Irie Sports Park, Shiomi Park, Washibetsudake and the Shukuzu Park. Also, the sites like Muroranhachiangu Park, Chikyuisaki Ryokuchi Park, Irierinkai Park, Wakakusa Central Park, Nakajima Park, Hakuchodaikita Park, Rainbow Park and Chiribetsu Park are indeed must to visit.

  • Seward- Alaska:

One will get to experience rugged beauty and the magical scenery of Seward while cruising from Tokyo, Japan to the Ketchikan, Alaska. It is a scenic historical town and a lively harbour featuring unparalleled natural beauty. The major fascination here includes the National Park exhibiting spectacular fjords, abundant wildlife, oldest and most scenic communities of Alaska and the tidewater glaciers.

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