Cruise to the City of Monuments- the Rome

There is always a curiosity to know about things we..

Cruise to the City of Monuments- the Rome

There is always a curiosity to know about things we don’t know and about the lives we have not lived. The concept of a time machine and to travel back to time is so fascinating and impressive but still it is thought to be impossible. But there are certain places still existing in this world that have the magical charisma to take us back to time. The time when the kingdoms were ruled by kings and queens, and when the battles were won at the expense of swords. Rome is the most beautiful historic city in the world that has a magical power to give you a glimpse of past lives. The Rome cruise offers to witness the temples, theatres, churches, villas, museums, palaces, parks and gardens, all are a masterpiece on its own.

World Historical Sites in Rome:

The Colosseum (the iconic monument) and the Vatican Museums are among the world’s most visited tourists destinations. The rest of the World Historical Sites in Rome includes:

  • The Pantheon the Palazzo Corsini
  • Castel Sant.’Angelo
  • Galleria Doria Pamphilj
  • Roman Forum
  • the Accademia dell’Arcadia
  • Villa Giulia
  • Nationa Etruscan Museum
  • Palazzo del Quirinale
  • Esposizione Universale Roma
  • St Peter’s Basilica
  • Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore
  • Basilica of St John Lateran
  • Basilica di San Lorenzo Fuori le Mura
  • Santa Maria Sopra Minerva
  • Sant’Andrea della Valle
  • Santa Maria in Trastevere
  • Santi Giovanni e Paolo

and many others.

Explore the Rome:

The cruise excursions Rome allows you to visit the historic remains of the Roman empire. In short time, you have to accept that particular deal that offers a quick tour to all ‘the must see’ places. The walking tour to ancient Rome, small group, a quick visit to Vatican Museums, Pompeii and Naples day trip, underground channels, Upper tier and Arena visit, Amalfi Coast private day trip and many others are offered in the deals provided by the cruises leaving the Rome.

Feeling the Roman Ambience:

Walking in the streets of Rome, you can feel the essence of an ancient empire. The local street side food, the local people, their language and remains of an ancient empire is enough to make you feel like a part of early life. The visitors can feel themselves as a part of the ancient empire that use to exist thousands of years before this time. While gazing at the beautiful and well-planned architecture, art and craft skills on old buildings are so captivating that they will be occupying a permanent place in your mind for the rest of your life.

The cruises from the Rome are also provided with the same atmosphere onboard. The artistic sense in refurbing a ship and paintings, statues placed in every corner are representing that antique crafting spirit.  If you have not yet experience to cruise in Rome, you are missing the best part of your life. Even after the tour, cruising out of Rome makes you feel that something is going to be missing in your life. The feeling of art, atmosphere of being royal and all pleasant days

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