Cruising from Venice to Athens

Athens is the Capital of Greece. Quite underrated, this beautiful..

Cruising from Venice to Athens

Athens is the Capital of Greece. Quite underrated, this beautiful city is one of its own when it comes to the fantastic blends of ancient history and modern life. Every corner of this town speaks of the greatness of ancient Greek art. From its beautiful buildings, roads, art to delicacies everything speaks the Greek language. All this you can experience when you cruise from Venice to Athens on your tour to Europe these summer holidays. Though this city is not so much well known its quite a place to visit and the one you would love to add to your vacations plan.

Holiday attractions in the Athens:

After cruising from Venice to Athens by the best cruises, you should plan to have a stay of 3 to 4 days to be able to completely absorb the grandeur of this state of the art city. Let me tell you that in Athens there are numerous activities and places that will make your tour a long lasting memorable trip. Some of the main events you must enjoy from the moment you cruise to Athens are:

  • If you are a soul curious about history and want to dig deeper into the layers of Greek history, visiting the New Acropolis Museum is going to be the best way to make this possible.
    • Wandering through the eldest and charming neighborhood of Athens, Plaka.
    • Enjoying a walk through the narrow and crooked streets of Anafiotika. Here you can appreciate the Graffiti on the street walls, and it is just a profound experience.
    • At noon, quenching your appetite with the Greek delicacies like Greek street snacks and Greek coffee.
    •  At sunset, the best view to have is seeing the city from the top of Mount Cycabettus, the highest point in the city and if you are lucky enough you can catch the golden hour when the beams of setting the sun to illuminate the whole town with a yellowish glow. Viewing this from the top is just a breathtaking experience.
    • At night, you should enjoy the fantastic view of the fountain at Syntagma Square.
    • Appreciating the slow motion march of the soldiers while the changing of guards at the Parliament building is going to be something that will get imprinted on your retinas for life.
    • For the lovers of art, watching some of the most amazing paintings and sculptures at National Archeological Museum are just the perfect moments here in Athens.

These activities are just the icing on the cake of the wonderful times that you are going to be able to enjoy once you cruise from Venice to Athens. This place is going to be just a perfect one for your perfect family and friends trip during these summer holidays. So pack your luggage, recharge your cameras, book your tickets and get ready to have happy times while cruising to Athens.

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