Cruising to the Far East this holiday

The cruises to the Far East combines a richly fascinating..

Cruising to the Far East this holiday

The cruises to the Far East combines a richly fascinating past, exhilarating present, an enthralling, and the most mind-bogglingly incredible treat to a taste of all that on your fabulous Far East trip. Cruises to the Far East take in some of the world’s most mind-bogglingly futuristic metropolises. Visit beguiling Beijing to explore the switchback alleyways of the city’s historic hutongs, or embark on Beijing tours to the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven or the infamous Tiananmen Square.

Sail into Shanghai, and you’ll be in the buzzing heart of the city’s glittering tech centre. Hong Kong continues its reign as one of the world’s best food destinations, so embark on cruises to the Far East and take your taste buds on an adventure, too. Cruises from Singapore are the gateway to the Far East, Arabian Gulf or even India; dock at Cochin, and you could sail the Kerala backwaters, an unspoilt part of this exciting subcontinent. Singapore is packed with shops, restaurants and bars and cruises can take you to other ports in Malaysia, such as Kuala Lumpur, or to the incense-swirled temples and soft sandy beaches of Thailand and beyond.

Holiday Fascinations:

  • One of the most iconic spots of Indonesia is Borobudur temple in Central Java that is an amazing ancient Buddha temple. Just don’t forget to visit this place.
  • Everyone is fond of the Chinese food, but as they say, no cuisine ever tastes like anywhere other than the location of origin. So as long as you are in China keep your taste buds all happy with the most delicious Chinese cuisines in all the very Chinese style.
  • Hiking the Yellow Mountain is going to be an experience like you and your family had never before. The granite peaks here will take your mind away with a strike, and your heart will surely get lost in the beauty of this place.
  • Raja Ampat: This place is famous for its breathtaking and scenic views. Nature seems to be in all its blossoms here. You can enjoy diving at numerous diving spots here. It’s just an amazingly refreshing experience.
  • Kelimutu, Bromo and Toba are the places where you can have the view of various live volcanos, and they also have the volcanic lakes.
  • Travelling to the Forbidden city is going to take you back into time. You will feel yourself be back in the days of the great Chinese This Forbidden City has a history that dates back to the fifteenth century and now is the hub of an ancient palace, artwork and state of the art buildings.
  • If you want to dig deeper into the layers of history, visiting Terracotta Army in Xi’an is going to be the best thing to do. The history here is just all ready to show you its bounties.

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