Exploring the Far East

Few places on the earth are quite full of startling..

Exploring the Far East

Few places on the earth are quite full of startling contrasts, and few places leave such a lasting impression. From the sweet scents of incense out from the temples to the to the sight of pedal-powered rickshaws. Or from the taste of exquisitely spiced curries served on banana leaf plates to the haunting cry of the Iman calling to the faithful to the prayer, Far East Cruise 2018  and the Far East explorations explodes onto the senses.

Feel the spirituality in the historical and archaeological sites:

There is no better way to drench yourself in the East a stroll through the inspiring temples dotted throughout this continent, Best cruise in Singapore gives the opportunity to experience the peace and spirituality of the far east continent. The godfather of all temples, Angkor Wat, Ayutthaya temple located an hour away from Bangkok, Takstang Monastery, Borobudur Indonesia and Kama Sutra in India. The historic site is known as Pagan Archaeological Zone and one of Burma’s top attractions.

Romancing with the waves of the sea:

If you want to enjoy capturing unforgettable pictures and a romantic dinner at Sea, cheap cruise from Singapore 2018 makes it possible for you. There is smooth jazz music playing with a live saxophonist strolling around the decks, transporting you into a magical world of romance. Serve you a lavish BBQ for dinner and drinks from the premium bar onboard. The city lights up when darkness falls and transforms the island with new vibes, turning the familiar landmark into dazzling.

Round off the experience with a night sail back to shore as the attraction turns inwards with the ship sparkling in bright lights, making it visible from miles away.The perfect birthday gift for your loved ones. Cruise package Singapore 2017 allows you to see city sights by both land and water. You can wander around the city to check out main tourists attractions like the fountain of wealth. It is the world’s largest fountain according to the Guinness book of records.

Then you can also splash into the water where rivers meet, which is the Marina Bay.To cruise past the Merlion, the city’s iconic statue of a mythical being with the body of a fish and the head of a lion is mesmerising. Enjoying a waterfront view of the glitzy Marina Bay Sands resort and an Esplanade is the best of all experiences.

Adventure along with birds:

If you are a wildlife lover and adore the nature cruise offer, Singapore 2017 provides all the opportunities to experience them closely. Borneo is famed for its marine national parks, steamy rainforests, smouldering volcanoes, remote tribes and diverse wildlife from orangutans to newly hatched turtles, flinging themselves towards the sea. You can also take a ride on a longboat along the Delok river. It is the land, relatively unexplored by tourists. Mainly because of the distance and travelling time required to explore.

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