Exploring the land of gods- the Greece

Happiness and satisfaction of soul are something that every one..

Exploring the land of gods- the Greece

Happiness and satisfaction of soul are something that every one of us is searching for every day, every hour and every minute of one’s life. This sense of happiness lies actually in little moments of joy and carefree time. Everybody has his way of finding happiness and comfort. It depends upon one’s nature and one’s mood. But one thing that every free soul on this earth enjoys is travelling to beautiful places of this world.

Just imagine yourself sitting on a grassy lawn at some hilly spot, tall trees surround the yard, the wind is blowing slowly, and you are holding a cup of hot tea reading your favourite novel. Or imagine yourself at some historical place observing and digging deep into the lifestyle of the people who lived there thousands of years ago. Or imagine yourself with your lovely partner enjoying a candle light dinner at some Sea port restaurant while the sun sets beside you.

Isn’t just believing it makes you feel happy and elated? Well, all these experiences can be made real this summer by cruising to Greece, the land of gods. All the amazing experiences that I just mentioned can be had in just a single travel to the Greece because it is a country that has it all. It is a hub of islands with everything for everyone. From places of historical importance, Hilly spots, spectacular beaches to even the loveliest restaurants.

The wonders of the Greek islands:

The Greek islands are a place like none other in this world. The panoramic views, the historical sites, fabulous five-star restaurants, vibrant nightlife and much more make this land a tourist hotspot. It is often said that anyone who visits the Greek islands gets lost in its charisma and this thing becomes quite evident once you visit the place. Some of the most notable places to visit here are:

Santorini Island: This place is the trademark and the most beautiful island of Greece. Famous for its white and blue houses, this place is just a cool mixture of natural beauty and manmade one.

Peloponnese Island: Famous for its temples, churches and palaces, Peloponnese Island has an important spot in Greek history. You want to learn about Greek history you visit this place surely.

That’s not just it, many other islands here are worth visiting for their natural landscapes. Among the famous ones are Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Mykonos and Naxos.

Athens is a land that is not like other big cities all over the world. It is surrounded by a lot of greenery, some ancient architectural buildings and hills, other than being covered by skyscrapers, malls and crowded city centres and archaeological sites. In Athens, the things to must see include:

Acropolis is the oldest site and the centre of historical sites of Athens. Other than that, the temple of Piraeus and Zeus, Olympic Stadium and the Acropolis museum are worth a visit. And if you are not interested in ruminants and the idea sounds boring, head towards Greek Islands for a leisure night life, romance and beaches for fun.

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