From Miami to the Bahamas

What would be your dream holiday fantasies to an exotic..

From Miami to the Bahamas

What would be your dream holiday fantasies to an exotic destination? Let me help you in imagining a perfect calming holiday. A vast blue ocean with relaxing sun rays and you sitting on the warm white sand beach. In front of you is the never ending blue sky and slowly moving air is refreshing your soul. In your hands, you have a freshly made cocktail of mixed fruits of Island. Sipping every drop of that fruity drink, you are praising the taste, colours and flavours of that perfect Island. While you are enjoying the exquisite scenery of the beach and nearby islands, you sense the mouth-watering fragrance. The fresh gastronomical seafood with the local and traditional flavours is the best thing to have at the end of such beautiful day.

A perfect holiday:

Now you think it is just a bookish imagination of perfect holiday? Let me raise your excitement by saying ‘NO’. You can have such holiday on beautiful, relaxing beaches from Miami to the Bahamas. No doubt Bahamian Islands are famed all over the world for their beauty and striking sea excursions. But Miami as a port of call is another attractive tourist destination. Bahamas cruise deal from Miami is perfect to enjoy both destinations in just one trip.

Miami Explorations:

Bahamas cruises from Miami offers a perfect plan to explore both exotic Islands. You can also be among those lucky people to witness the beauty. Virginia Key, South Beach, Downtown and the Port are all worth experiencing. The name ‘Magic City’ is a real depiction of what you witness there. Miami stays, and the cruise will offer tremendous opportunities to visit the CocoWalk, the Barnacle Historic State Park, Coconut Grove, little Havana and many others. The tropical monsoon climate, white beaches, sublime blue water is heaven for tourists. Fishing, boating, diving, sailing, snorkelling, mega resorts, entertainment complexes, luxury hotels and the wide range of marine life experience. To cruise Miami to the Bahamas is like the cherry on the top of cake. You will witness the charm of stretched, sprinkled islands on both destinations.

Little extra treat:

The scenery, excursions, entertaining activities, historical places and comfortable residence makes a tour interesting. In addition to this, colourful culture dominates the influence and memories for life. It will be so much fun when you plan to spend your holiday in the Bahamas and travel via Miami, and it is the time of yearly festivals. It is known to all that Miami is the hub of recreational venues and performing arts with many theatres, art centres and museums. But the festivals like Carnival Miami and the Calle Ocho Festival are the most colourful and cultural festivals.

It would be a perfect treat to spend holidays with friends and family on such wonderland destinations. The deals and offers tend to make your journey and staying experience more memorable. Your wise choice of the route, destination, resort selection and time to travel will make it a lot more memorable than you have planned.

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