Great Sports Activities In Barbados Holidays

Holidays at Barbados can be passed lazing on sandy beach..

Great Sports Activities In Barbados Holidays

Holidays at Barbados can be passed lazing on sandy beach and there you find many more. Or if you are feeling energetic, there is no shortage of different activities both out and in the water. The following ideas by no means are exhaustive but they are best to enjoy in great delight for family holidays Barbados 2017.

Boating & Sailing

Many firms there offer catamarans and yachts services for charter. Customized and schedules trips are both available. If you are looking for an exciting water sport, quiet sail, perfect weather, gentle southeaster trade winds, a romantic sunset at cruise, year round, all are guaranteed to get here in the perfect conditions.


For visitors, the only reason for holidays in Barbados is golf. Home to four golf courses of PGS standard, Barbados is the famous golf holiday destination. On the main west coast, Sandy lane is the main hub to two Tom Fazio courses designed, the Green Monkeys and the country club. On the southern coast, there are two public golf courses, hole Club Rockley and Barbados Golf club. There are different ways to create different courses over next years.

Sport Fishing

In Barbados fishing is the main attraction for visitors. The water of the island is the home to different types of fish spices and many boats are available for day charters. Many fishing charters offer tackle and baits, transportation and refreshments to you.  Here, you can find different variety of fish including white Marlin, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Barracuda, Yellow Fin Tuna, and Billfish.  You will have a chance to spend great time here whether you are firs time or experience tourists. Many charters will arrange a cooking setting for what you have caught and advised you on the arrangements of cooking at your restaurants or hotel.


For an exciting and unique experience visit to the Boatyard, you will be strapped in a towed, parachute behind a speed boat into the sky. For more adventurous experience, you can join the club of high flyers by soaring up to 800 ft.


For many surfing enthusiasts, Barbados holiday is the first option. They keep it at their top list to enjoy the surfing sights there. Consistent surf conditions, a water temperature and steady swells all through the year that drops never makes Barbados a great place for surfing.


November, December, January, February, March and April are the best months there for windsurfing. The southern coast with continuous sea and wind conditions and steady wind knots are the most popular conditions for windsurfers. The western festival of Barbados takes place here at the beach every February. Between Hastings and Maxwell, there are the best situations for intermediate and beginner windsurfers. There are different types of restaurants, bars and accommodations here.

November to July is the best months for windsurfing in Barbados. The south coast, with consistent wind and sea conditions and steady trade winds of 15 to 35 knots is the most popular area for windsurfers. The Barbados Waterman Festival takes place at Silver Rock Beach every February. Between Maxwell and Hastings, there are ideal conditions for beginner and intermediate windsurfers. There is also a wide range of accommodations, restaurants, and bars.

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