Greek Islands Explorations

With 227 lovely beaches surrounded by crystal clear water, cold..

Greek Islands Explorations

With 227 lovely beaches surrounded by crystal clear water, cold breeze, rocky Mountains and nearby wildlife and landscapes at world class beaches, undoubtedly, Greece is one of the top destination when the mass tourism started a few decades ago. Some islands become so familiar that their entire economies centred on the tourist trade side while the other islands are exclusive tourist destinations. When it comes to spending holidays, it became difficult to choose your picnic point. One should be choosy to select their paradise by trials and error. Cruise from Barcelona to the Greek Islands this summer to experience the real joy of life.

The undiscovered gems:

Some islands are greenish; others are rocky, some are mountainous and other are flats and plain islands. Each island has its distinct characteristics. Some are famous for crazy nightlife fun, while others are renowned for their tranquillity and relaxed lifestyle.

  • If you are cruising from Barcelona, then your destination has to be Santorini for colourful holidays. The breath-taking volcanic view and one of the beautiful sunsets in the world, consistency places it at the top of the list of all Greek islands. The beaches present are very peculiar and unique because of black and red volcanic sand. You can immensely enjoy luxury holidays here with friends and family.
  • The largest Greek island, have the distinct own local culture and will satisfy whatever you are looking for. The busy touristy resort, wonderful old towns, adjacent unspoiled mountain villages with most hospitable people give you many reasons to cruise from Barcelona to Crete islet. You can have the best food experience and it is also a tracker’s paradise with the highest mountain peak in the country. Impossible to explore the unseen world in only one trip, so, try to focus on just east and west side of the paradise. This island holds many other attractions like clubs, bars, entertainment venues, swimming pools, fantastic living restaurants and delicious seafood.
  • Talking about hydra that is one of the prettiest islands due to its exceptional architecture that has been preserved for the visitors. It would be great to take water boat and dive into the water to be amused by the beauty present under water. The diversity of colourful marine life exists for you to get mesmerised. It is a great thing to appreciate the nature away from the coast. The ideal destination for marine lovers who are always ready to swim with marine animals.
  • Characterized by the long strips of clean, white beaches, and rolling farmland loaded with olive, date, palm, grapes, figs, corn and wheat. The island of Kos presents beautiful landscapes, historic sites, great beaches in all relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. You can visit the ruin of ancient marketplace and 14th-century old fortress both simultaneously. If you are looking for attractive nightlife scene, the Island comprises several clubs, bars and restaurant serving with great dinner. Many outdoor activities are also common here. To maximise the best of your travel experience must cruise from Barcelona to Greek islands and have unimaginably best holidays of your life.

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