Holiday fascinations in Canada

Canada, the place famous by the name of the land..

Holiday fascinations in Canada

Canada, the place famous by the name of the land of unexpected wonders can be your next ideal family holiday destination. From one coast to another, this magical site features all the elements to brighten and awaken your dull life. The city life is vibrant and filled colourfully with the shades of culture, artwork and incredible natural wonders like Niagara Falls. Cruising to the Canada will introduce you to the vast number of world heritage sites, beautiful landscapes and unique sites so that you won’t regret sailing to this amazing land.

When you cruise to the Canada, make sure to visit following places to have most of the fun during your stay here;

The Banff National Park:

Representing the Canadian’s most enchanting scenery, in the province of Alberta, near majestic rocky mountains, is the fascinating Banff National Park. Unlike the ordinary and usual national parks around the globe, it features snow-capped peaks, turquoise green lakes, glaciers, Icefields Parkway and stunning park. It will be such a breathtaking experience viewing the reflection of snowy peaks in the clear fresh water of Lake Louise. Visitors are allowed to stroll and wander along the shores without any restriction. At one end of the park is a town by the name of Banff, which is also a major winter sports area. Indeed it provides the best place for  most prominent ski destinations of the country.

The CN tower adventure:

One of the icons of the Canadian land is the world-famous CN Tower Toronto. This stunning tower stands 553 meters (1,136 feet) high above the ground providing the highest viewpoint of the city. Other than the most massive peaks surrounding the country, the visitors can climb to the top of the tower as an adventure and enjoy scenic views. It also features solid glass outer edge for some daring and risky pictures if anyone wants to have a try. It also features city’s best restaurants with 360 degrees, panoramic views of the city. Climbing up the tower in night provides the most magical views you have ever sighted in your life. So, embrace yourselves and get ready to climb up the CN Tower.

The Ottawa’s Parliament Hill:

One of the oldest buildings in the country, standing here from the half of 19th century is the Ottawa’s Parliament Hill. It is the crown land situated near the bank of Ottawa River. Its Neo-Gothic style, the Peace Tower, the House of Senate and commons, and the sculpture garden are adding to its attractiveness, drawing many tourists from around the world.

The old Montreal:

The section of the city that seems to freeze time in its ancient architectural buildings is the old Montreal. It is another of the fascinating places to pay a visit to as it welcomes the travellers with the lovely historic buildings, elegant dining venues and impressive shopping arcades. One of the fascinations is the horse-drawn carriages that are used for public transport. It will be another of the exciting adventures to hop-on this traditional ride and explore the vibrant city life.

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