Let’s explore Singapore this holiday

If you are planning to visit Singapore this summer break..

Let’s explore Singapore this holiday

If you are planning to visit Singapore this summer break and want to make each moment of your journey colourful then let me give you some fresh ideas:

Cruising over road trip or air travel:

As every travelling soul and the one who loves to wonder knows that a major part of the charm and excitement of going to some exotic destination lies not in the destination but the happenings and the thrills of the journey itself. So let me suggest you that the best way to reach your exotic destination is by cruising to Singapore with some of the best cruises to Singapore. Travelling by sea will just enlighten your soul with the joys of this world, and you will surely have the best time cruising. Sitting on the deck of all decorated ship, sipping on your favourite cocktail and viewing the vastness of the Sea are going to be the golden moments for anyone.

Things to do in Singapore:

As soon as you cruise to Singapore, waste no time and start exploring this gem of a city that is a refreshing blend of Eastern and Western civilisation. A place where East meets west. The most fun things to do in Singapore include:
▪  First of all, take a walk along the bank of the river. Just imagine yourself holding the hand of your partner walking along the bank of the river while viewing the humongous skyscrapers this city is full of.
▪  After this walk travel to the Raffel’s Hotel and here you can observe the view of the British Singapore.
▪  For food lovers out there, let me tell you Singapore is never going to disappoint you in any way. To enjoy the local cuisines head towards the Hawker Centre that serves the best Singaporean cuisine in the city.
▪ Singapore is a city that reflects both East and the West. To enjoy the flavours of the East, head toward the China town where you can have all the kind of Chinese cuisines and view the Chinese history in the form of temples and restaurants.
▪ To have more view of the rich Asian culture, visit the little India, to have a look at the Indian culture with temples and all that and Haji Street for malay touch.
▪ Visiting Sentosa Island is going to be the most fun thing you will enjoy while in Singapore. It’s an exotic and the most modern resort with the largest fish aquarium here.
▪ Near to Sentosa island, you must try wave hovering on the standing wave that is a manmade indoor system.
▪ You can have the most fun by enjoying the space experience here at the indoor skydiving centre. I bet your children will love it.

By doing all this and much more you can make every moment of your visit to Singapore a happy moment.

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