New York: The Big City Dreams

For spending a good time in some well-developed, sophisticated and..

New York: The Big City Dreams

For spending a good time in some well-developed, sophisticated and intellectual place with all materialistic stuff around, you sure are thinking about the Big City Dreams. People out there vary differently regarding their choices that please them. Some might be attracted to nature, birds, waterfalls and landscapes, some love adventures and some like to dream about the hustle and bustle of big city life. In 2018, cruises to New York promise you splendid travel through the Atlantic Ocean, trying to make such dreams of yours a reality with some fun and adventure.

An overview of a big city life:
The cruises to New York will catch your attention with an intense glance of the fast life. As it is famed for the financial and media capital of the world and as a global city, it has a significant impact on media, commerce, arts, technology and almost every field of life. So it can be a pleasant as well as an informative tour visiting this grand city that warmly welcomes everyone.

Buzzing in the city hustle:

Cruising to New York is full of fun and discovering amazing places that can take your breath away. Start your visit with the Time Square which is one of world’s largest public area. It gives a good insight of life in a big modern city. Central Park is another main tourist spot which you would surely want to visit. It provides a memorable experience for everyone from children to old people because of its extensive walking trails,  two ice skating rings and central park zoo, where your kids can enjoy to the fullest.
Empire State building is the city’s highest deck to have a view of the whole city, called the City of Skyscrapers. It is one of the best places with a breathtaking view of a modern city. Metropolitan Museum of art and history is the place that an art lover would never want to miss. It provides a view into the history of all past cultures.

For good quality and the famous American breakfast, you can have a roadside small café experience or try the five-star hotels and Restaurants. For a romantic evening walk or a long drive, Brooklyn Bridge is the place that is said to be surrounded by a romantic atmosphere. Keep in mind to walk on the elevated pedestrian path so that you can walk without the disturbance by local traffic. The cruises to New York plus Niagara will be a double treat for tourists. One can have the fun of city life after exploring magnificent natural waterfalls. It is always a good time for some water sports or a sunbath.

Last but not the least, how can you forget to visit the Statue of Liberty, the iconic symbol of freedom. A boat ride will be best to have a full 360-degree view of this iconic green-lady statue. Cruising to New York is just the idea of adding a significant chapter to the beautiful book of memories of your life.


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