Rome – The archaeologically preserved land

If you are keen on visiting some great historical places,..

Rome – The archaeologically preserved land

If you are keen on visiting some great historical places, these holidays, then hurry up because in 2018 cruises to Rome are taking you to the very place that is called the archaeological and artistic treasure of world by many. So pack your luggage and travel by some of the best cruises to this beautiful city.

An overview of Rome:

Rome, the capital of Italy and 13th most visited city in the world, is a place you and your family would love to visit. It is acclaimed as the birthplace of western civilisation. This historic city is famous for its archaeological wonders that will bamboozle your mind. Rome is the real specimen of ancient Roman Empire. The visit to these places will take you straight to the golden days of Roman Empire. Every inch of the city is depictive of Roman civilisation.

Places not to miss in Rome:

While enjoying your visit to this magnificent city you would never want to miss the following beautiful and state of the art sites. Colosseum, the iconic symbol of Rome, is the best symbol of ancient Roman architecture.It’s one of the seven wonders of the world. The Roman Forum which was the financial and political centre of Roman civilisation is also a place that you and your family would appreciate visiting. Rome is a city full of museums. Among these Musei Capitoline, The Vatican Museum and Galleria Borghese are worth visiting. These museums have some of the most incredible works of art on display in this place also declared  UNESCO world heritage site.
Magnificent churches are another feature that you would admire in this grand city. St Peter’s Basilica is the most beautiful of all. During your tour, you should also pay a visit to Trevi fountain, a fountain that is a wonder in itself and also doesn’t forgets to obey the ritual of tossing three coins in the fountain to be able to visit this place again because after all you never know.
Among other places that you and your children can visit is Spanish steps. If you are a lover of art and music, then Rome can be a destination of your dreams for you because it has the famous Piazza Navona which is populated by artists, musicians, street artists and has some great restaurants where you can enjoy all kind of your favourite Italian cuisine.

Beaches nearby Rome:

If you are fond of beaches, then the cruises departing from Rome can take you to the various calm and serene beaches located within a small range of the grand city. These beaches are a great site for tourism and a major tourist attraction. Here you can have all kind of fun from taking a sunbath on the clean sands to enjoying windsurfing and swimming in the clean and clear waters of ports. Among the famous beaches located nearby, Rome is Ostia, Cancelli, S.Severa, S.Marinella, Anzio and super long.
So recharge your camera sets, book your best cruise tickets and get ready to capture some of the most memorable scenes of your lives.

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