San Francisco: The Paris of West

In 2018, Cruises to San Francisco are ready to take..

San Francisco: The Paris of West

In 2018, Cruises to San Francisco are ready to take you on the dream journey of your life. So be tired of your daily routine no more because you have a great chance of enjoying a fabulous holiday to the Golden City, the San Francisco. Your entire visit will be a headache of best cruises so that you and your family can have an experience of life, being worry-free, that you sure deserve.

Beaches in San Francisco:

San Francisco is a city full of fantastic beaches that depict the richness of natural beauty that this place is blessed with. The beaches here are clean and show the most beautiful views of nature especially at dawn and dusk. Baker Beach is the most famous of all. Though it is prohibited for swimming and surfing due to high tides, still it is a perfect place for you to enjoy sunbathing, flying kites, hiking along the cliff and picnicking.
For your family and children, the best beach you can visit is China beach. It’s the safest of all beaches in the city, so your kids can enjoy walking in low tides, swimming and finding starfish and mussels. Lands’ End is a lesser visited beach, but it is a hidden gem. You should visit the place and enjoy the wonderful experience of this hidden treasure. The best cruises to San Francisco give you a lifetime opportunity to have fun at all of these splendid beaches.
City Exploration:
San Francisco is famous for its cool summers, foggy winters, steep rolling hills and a beautiful mix of architecture and landmarks. Famous landmarks among these are Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Cable Cars and China Town district. The city is the hub of Arts and museums in the United States. Among the places, the worth visiting includes the War Memorial and Performing Arts Centre, War Memorial Opera House (hosts the famous San Francisco Opera), the Palace of Legion of Honor, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Fillmore. If you are an art lover, this is the place where you can get lost without any regrets.
The city will surely imprint its breath-taking image on your soul. Golden Gate Bridge is the exotic place to have a fantastic view of the city. As soon as you reach the city, head towards the bridge to capture this wonderful, magical view in your eyes.
You should also visit Battery Godfrey that is and amazing park and former military base. You should also have a bike ride through China Town and Fisherman’s Wharf. Seeking the best gastronomical venues in the town? The city offers you the newest restaurant called East Restaurant. To suffice your hunger, do visit this fully automated restaurant with your family. Among other charming places are Painted ladies (most iconic spot), Palace of Fine Arts and Yoda foundation.
Like Paris is considered to be the place where love is found in the air, San Francisco is the land where hospitality is distributed all over the place. The idea of spending holidays in such place will be an enchanting one.

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