Sandals Royal Plantation Holidays Visit In Festival Season

In the month of September, we had the great privilege..

Sandals Royal Plantation Holidays Visit In Festival Season

In the month of September, we had the great privilege of living at the Sandals Royal Plantation Spa and resort. We had heard a lot about it. Now we had the great chance to experience the accommodations in holiday resorts in person.

However, first of all, you will face when you arrive at the airport in Montego Bay. It seems like a welcome treat in private check room that is filled with snacks, cold beverages and a relaxing climate to prepare you and your loved ones. You can visit Sandals resort in a comfortable airport transfer vehicle where you would have a chance to talk about few guests that are anticipating at resort arrival.

Things To Get Noticed At First Glance

The time when you arrive at the entrance of sandals royal plantation, you should notice is how gorgeous and wonderful the grounds are and how good they are maintained with centre fountain spouting in all directions. Once you proceed through lobby area, you are greeted by friendly and passionate resort staff with a cool towel. It is the time when reality comes into senses, and you realise that you arrive here. It is the time when Sandals staff clarify that they are your family.

First class accommodation services

Once you enter the room, you will find them very nice and clean. They told us they were trying to remodel them and upgrade all rooms to make their looks lovelier than their current position. If you had travelled ever, you would get worried about the level of accommodation at the time of the Royal Plantation. Once we were there, the beds were nice, comfortable; we did not miss them, but unluckily we absorbed in the water of Caribbean Sea every morning.

The Sandals Grounds

Once you walked through the sandals grounds, you would notice that all details were very important to the resort. We never noticed any dirt over there. The flowers looked vibrant and fresh, and we walked in the lobby area to the beach and pool views.

We did not feel lonely there as staffs were there to greet us every time. It was a wonderful experience of spending time there.

The Butlers service

What can I tell about the Butlers? Wow, we had two who took care of our family during our stay there. They are incredible guys who showed too much care and we felt comfortable with them.

Personal Cell Phone Services

During our stay, they also awarded a personal phone with direct connection to Butlers. If we would like to dine with other tourists, so we needed to call out butlers. They could arrange to join us for dinner. In ten minutes, it was almost done.

Visit to the beach

In our opinion, while comparing the beaches in Mexico and Caribbean, it is the best place to enjoy great sights of the seaside. The beach was small but very lovely and nice. There is no issue in finding sitting facility on the beach, and the moment you sit down, the staff members was waiting to take food and drink order.

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