Singapore, Chinatown explorations

The English speaking modern state of Singapore give travellers a..

Singapore, Chinatown explorations

The English speaking modern state of Singapore give travellers a chance to enter the magnificent land of Asia. But the question is what to do when you cruise to Singapore for holidays?  Let me tell you a thing; no trip is complete without visiting the beautiful portion of the Chinatown. Historically this is the area where people of all kind settle and create a mixed culture. Indians, Malays, Portuguese’s, Chinese and people from another part of Asia come and present their traditions and culture. With good food, tourist spot, art, architecture, museums, stalls, and one of the best skylines of Singapore you cannot miss visiting Chinatown.

Chinatown heritage centre:

To understand the rich history of the China town and influence of Chinese and Malays culture in the country then the Chinatown heritage centre is the highly recommended place. Once you enter the museum, you will feel yourself standing in old Chinatown of the 1950s with recreated scenes of houses and shops. This gallery will tell you the whole story of the old town and how Chinese immigrants went from being the best ethnic group in the country. No doubt, Chinese influence Singapore language culture and traditions in several ways.

The red dot design museum:

The only one red building standing in the heart of Chinatown is red dot design museum. It is only a museum of its kind in Asia and also largest design museum who won the annual red award. The current exhibition just focuses on the modern designs, futuristic concept and innovations. As new design and varieties are added every year, so exotics who visit there feel a unique experience every time they cruise to Singapore and get a chance of attending this unusual museum.

The spectacular hawking centre:

Food is another way to understand any country culture and tradition. In the great, multicultural Singapore city, the healthy food is part and parcel of the culture. One of the largest and the oldest hawker centres is the Maxwell road hawker centre. It is almost covered with hundreds of stalls in open-aired, covered with mouthwatering dishes and its delicious smell attracts people toward them. Take a cheap meal of Alaska noodles or buy something else like affordable snacks to experience Singaporean cuisine.

Stroll through street markets:

The street markets are one of the oldest and most prominent tourist attractions of Chinatown in Singapore. It has become increasingly commercialised and tourist, but it is still a perfect spot for souvenir and window shopping hub. You can buy everything here due to very reasonable and cheap price of garments, jewellery, gifts and kids’ stuff. Even if you are just browsing, it’s worth to take a walk around the Chinese festivals like mid-autumn festivals and Chinese New Year. Feeling tired after long day of shopping, visiting and seeing? Head toward the best massage parlour which will leave you to refresh at the end of the day.

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