Sketching memories in Barcelona

The happy times spent with friends and family are the..

Sketching memories in Barcelona

The happy times spent with friends and family are the best time of one’s life. Life is too fast that before we know we are old, it is gone to the almost end.  But there are certain memories that we make together, which keep us happy and lively during every phase of life. Nothing can be a better option to make lasting memories than to spend some quality time and it is more cherished at some captivating part of the world. For this sake in 2018, cruises to Barcelona promise you a beautiful trip where you can sketch a complete book of fun adventure diary with your loved ones.

Wandering the city sights:

Rich in cultural heritage and a marvel of architectural work of the famous Gaudi, Barcelona is a destination of dreams for every soul that loves to wonder in the heavens of art and architectural work.
It is a city located on the coast between two rivers and is quite a populated area. It is the masterpiece of the work of art of the famous artist Gaudi, whose architectural intelligence has given this city its peculiarity.

As soon as you cruise to the city, you must first visit Gothic Quarter, the heart of old Barcelona and start exploring the fascinating sights of Roman times. One of the must visit places is the Picasso museum while you are at Gothic Quarters. In the noon, you should visit Casa Mila and Casa Batllò. These wonders will make you forget to blink your eyes.

The land also has some of the fancy restaurants where you can suffice your hunger with some of the most delicious dishes. Vila de Garcia is a small town absorbed in the city, and if you cruise to Barcelona in April, July and August 2018, you are lucky enough because you are at the right time for the Festival, where many people make the famous Human castles. You sure don’t want to miss that jaw-dropping sight.
For football lovers, Camp Nou is like a heaven situated in this city. It’s home to the famous football club, FC Barcelona, where notable players like Messi, Maradona and Ronaldinho have played. A football fan would never want to miss that place. And at night, the best thing to have in dinner is the famous delicacy of Local Tapas at some famous restaurant.

Fabulous time at beaches:

Barcelona has seven beaches that will make your visit wonderful. Barceloneta is the beach you must not forget to visit during your stay. It has all the qualities that a top rated beach should have. From sunbath, swimming in the calm and clear water, partying to playing volleyball and enjoying a walk in low tides everything is just perfect here, which would make you and your partner fall in love with this place.

The cruises to Barcelona in 2018 undoubtedly make you have a refreshing holiday. All you can do is to plan a trip, invite friends and family members and sail out to the ocean headed towards the marvels of Barcelona city and enjoy.

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