Thailand exotic beaches explorations

Beaches of the exceptional beauty are the gem of Thailand,..

Thailand exotic beaches explorations

Beaches of the exceptional beauty are the gem of Thailand, the most beautiful, most abundant and wealthiest nation in the world regarding beaches. In particular, talking about beaches explorations, you can enjoy your holidays at;


With well develop airway and connected with series of bridges Phuket is readily accessible and attracts thousands of international tourist from every part of the world. Stretch of grey-white sand along the blue sea is not only one admiring feature. Phuket is also home to numerous other attraction and entertainment, from clubs to national parks, engaging museums and serene temples etc. There are many different active outdoor activities too such as hiking, snorkelling, exploring mountainous island interior and many others. Besides these, there are pampering resorts, restaurants and hotel which are all-time active to happily facilitate visitors who cruise from the Singapore and are exploring Thailand beaches.


More than 60 years of continuous development has amended the secluded hat Patong to renowned holiday destination primarily known for its dusk to dawn nightlife. The city is the home of some of best clubs, bars, restaurants and busy lifestyle. If you move towards the quieter section of the city, then you should go to markets and boutiques. Except for the noise of lower land, the city also has extensive sandy shoreline and scenic crescent-shaped bay.

Hat Karon beach point:

Second most iconic place in the bustling city of Phuket is hat Karon beach point. It is mainly for those people who want comfortable accommodation that makes it much reliable to enjoy sun, sand and sun basking. From the lazy ambling along the second most significant island to snorkelling and diving adventures, it’s always best to cruise from Singapore and enjoy exploring the scenic beauties of these beaches.

Hat Kamala:

If we talk about the hat Kamala that is tranquil and picturesque spot mainly famous for sunbathing, snorkelling and swimming. The Northern part of this beach has some coral reefs ideal for underwater adventure trip while the other parts are best for wading on a sandy beach. Look at the south end of the beach where a classical Buddhist temple is present, featuring statues and images representing Buddhist life. Moreover, the fantastic Phuket theme park is a best international visitor to know much about the country’s cultural heritage.

Hat Rawai:

The unbeatable beauty of hat rawai is above all the beaches in Thailand. It is also known as the jump-off point primarily used as a harbour for, fishing boats and a long tail. It is lined with the lush green trees; the west coast is packed with crystal clear water and beautiful groomed sand.

Hat Mai Khao:

Hat Mai Khao is present on the northern part of the bustling Phuket. It is also known as airport beach because it is very close to the airport. It is much quieter and peaceful than other beaches. Undeveloped and silent but the part of national spirit park. Cruise there from Singapore for stress-free holidays in a natural ambience.

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