The fantastic Gothic Quarter- Barcelona

Cruising to the Barcelona to celebrate best days of your..

The fantastic Gothic Quarter- Barcelona

Cruising to the Barcelona to celebrate best days of your life on a holiday will introduce you to a variety of fascinating places. One of them which holds much more charm and attractions than other historical sites and monuments is the Gothic Quarter. It has to be the starting point of your exploration to this beautiful piece of land.

It is built on the land that is equally surrounded by the La Raval, Barceloneta, Ciutat Vella and La Ribera. This exciting neighbourhood adds a carefree travelling and wandering time to your exploration. As you walk along the stone paved streets of the quarter, you will feel like stepping backwards in time as it still features remnants of its glorious past. The place which was once used to be the Roman village is now fully loaded with human-castling buildings, cafes and arty bars. Indeed it is a perfect blend of new architecture and ancient artwork which fascinates travellers from all over the globe to visit and stay here.

Things to do:

If you cruise to the Barcelona these holidays, make sure to have a tour to the amazing Gothic Quarter to enjoy the real taste of local ambience. Here is what you can do;

As the cultural hub of the city, it is the first place of choice for the visitors. They tend to visit Placa Catalunya which is located at the top of Las Ramblas. Here one can for designer orientated gastronomical delights shopping in Passeig de Gracia and view breathtaking scenery of Gaudí’s buildings. Also, if you cross Las Ramblas, you will visit El Raval which is another of the interesting place and worth a visit.

Wandering the streets of the fantastic Gothic Quarter is the best way to discover more treasures hidden like the neo-Gothic cerveceria. It will be a great way to make new friends while exploring the most antique district of the Barcelona. The neo-Gothic cerveceria is a favourite bar for artists from all over the world as being the oldest place dating back to 1890s and by exhibiting Picasso’s very first exhibition.

Surrounded by the impressive medieval buildings is the most beautiful squares of the Quarter, by the name of Placa del Rei. Standing here is the Casa Clariana Padellas which is the classic medieval urban palace and the most visited site. When it was rediscovered while laying the foundations for the new castle, from then, it was converted into a beautiful historical museum. It elegantly features the mosaic floors, fascinating Roman ruins, the ancient drainage, water and heating systems. Also, it exhibits the Galeria de Catalans and the historical paintings of famous artists of the region.

In the Gothic Quarter explorations, if you miss having a look at Las Ramblas, you will lose the real essence of Barcelona. It is the most enchanting squares fully loaded with the plenty of shops, architecture, market stalls, chilled cafe terraces and much more.

To make your holidays like no other day of your life, you need to cruise to the Barcelona and make sure to visit the fantastic Barrio Gotico.

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