The Glamorous land of Miami

Are you trying to find all flavours of tourism at..

The Glamorous land of Miami

Are you trying to find all flavours of tourism at one place? Then your choice to cruise to Miami from the Barcelona will not be wrong for a perfect holiday plan. Celebrate your holidays at the unique and outstanding ambience of Miami, having numerous outdoors and recreational opportunities for you. Located in the southeast of Florida, the main thing is its cold environment which makes it an exotic holiday destination, especially for those who live in northern regions of the country. Everything here is peaceful and calming from some beaches to the city lines. Let me tell you for sure; you are never going to regret this decision of your life.

The fantastic art deco district:

Miami Beach is a separate municipality from rest of the city. It is located on the islet and connects with mainland with series of bridges. This area is particularly famous for its art deco district and beautiful beaches. You can see numerous buildings all around when you cruise to Miami from the Barcelona. This tourist most expensive district is packed with restaurants, shops, mega malls, beachfront hotels and various sunbathing opportunities. The most famous street in this area is ocean drive, the part of road home to many art deco buildings and architecture designs. These pastel colour amazing buildings are decorated with neon signs and awnings that encompass outdoor dining area.

Charming south beach:

Situated at the southeast end of Miami Beach a sightseeing attraction which offers beautiful sunset views is the south beach. No doubt, it is a fact that is the most famous and important section of Miami Beach. In summers this area is fully captured with locals and exotics while in winter situation is different because it is merely a popular place to stroll around in winter. So, whenever you cruise Miami from Barcelona, you will always enjoy here.

Miami zoo:

The most fantastic atmosphere both for people and animals is only you can find in Miami zoo. Miami zoo house more than 2,000 non-domesticated animals’ species in a cageless environment that is much similar to natural habitat in the jungle. Large open air ambience allows visitors to see endangered wildlife in a safe yet close environment. The only zoo in the United States which is located in the subtropical region. Although, this is not a big zoo its overall environment is seductive, with a lot of interactions available for you with the wild animals. In addition to animals, it is also house to numerous plants and tree-like orchids.

Miami’s sea aquarium:

Miami sea aquarium has been one of the favourite tourist hubs for people. The most important feature is a daily show of dolphins, killer whales, seals and other marine inhabitants. The large observation tank also comprises dangerous alligators, sharks and tropical fishes. The primary purpose of sea aquarium is to rescue and rehabilitate endangered species. The opportunity to swim with dolphins also offers here. Just suit up and swim with the amazing creature and take a chance to know more about its behaviour, physiology and natural history of dolphins. Cruise from Barcelona to the Miami will make your moments the best part of life.

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