The land of diverse cultures

Singapore, the sovereign city-state of Southeast Asia, also known as..

The land of diverse cultures

Singapore, the sovereign city-state of Southeast Asia, also known as the Lion City, is the mixed cultural hub. The diversity of cultures, languages, religions and languages in this country is more than in any other part of the world. The reason why tourists are attracted to this region of the world is only the existence of various cultures on one land. From Christians to Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, Judaism, Hindus, Protestantism, Roman Catholicism and even 13% population without any religion are all living together on one piece of land as a nation. It is also the only Asian country offering tourists to sail through the Indian Ocean and let their land welcome the foreigners in the most pleasant way. The cruises from Singapore are best as you get to experience an Asian land and can also voyage towards other exotic destinations.

Cruise from the Garden City:

The cruises from the Singapore are offering perfect packages to voyage across the world. It will be a perfect holiday plan when you start travelling from an Asian land and end your holidays in any Western region. Mainly the culture is influenced by Asian, Malay and European countries and it is also called as the land where ‘East meets West’.  The cruises deals Singapore 2017 are giving once in a lifetime chance to experience the colours of mixed cultures and travel to the far most areas through the Indian Ocean.

Experiencing mixed cultures and cuisine:

Singapore is all about different traditions and variety of beliefs. The same thing is reflected in their cuisine and local festivals as well. The staple food is primarily of five categories, rice, seafood, desserts, noodles and meat. Seafood is always the main attraction for local people as well as for tourists. The blend of flavours is also found among the flavours and recipes. 2017 cruises from Singapore allow you to confront the unique combination of these flavours.

The most famous Singaporean cuisine includes the dishes like Black pepper crab, kaya toast, Hainanese chicken rice, chilli crab, Nonya Laksa, Char Kuey Teow and many other dishes. These cuisines are getting recognition from international chefs and are included in the menus of the cruises from Singapore. The most of these recipes circle fresh seafood and rice or noodles. The combination of these flavours with healthy fresh ingredients is fascinating for foreigners. The new flavours, aroma, taste and colours are catchy and so attractive that one can’t get those flavours out of his mouth.

Talking about mixed cultures, the festivals celebrated as a national holiday are also varying according to different religion communities. Like for instance, Eids of Muslims, New year ave and Christmas of Christians, Diwali of Hindus and Vesak Day of Buddhists are celebrated equally and full nationwide.

The land of peace and harmony:

When everyone in this world is talking about power and taking control, we escape to peace. Singapore is the region which depicts the communal unity despite the vast differences of its majority communities. So cruising to the land of love and peace, far away from the disputes of power, the holiday plan will be the most memorable.

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