The land of Golden Gate- the San Francisco

Summer holidays are that golden part of the year that..

The land of Golden Gate- the San Francisco

Summer holidays are that golden part of the year that one longs for all the year. It is the part of the year when everyone wants to enjoy and have fun. To fulfil such desire of yours, it is recommended for you to try cruising to San Francisco because summer is the best time to explore this fantastic place. Try cruising experience, because in summer time is also the best time to have a water journey.

A complete tourist friendly city:

San Francisco is the cultural, commercial and financial centre of Northern California. It is truly a Golden town in the sense of tourism. From art work, museum, restaurants, monuments to beaches everything here is for the sake of tourists and welcomes all. Some of the highlights of the city include:

  • Art centres of the city:

The city is full of art work centres that exhibit the masterpieces may it be paintings or sculptures from all over the world. For a lover of art and music, the places to cherish the most are War Memorial and Performing Arts centre, San Francisco Opera House, War Memorial Opera House and the Fillmore. These are the places where the best musical events of the world are held throughout the year, and you would love the atmosphere here.

  • Museums and beaches in the city:

The galleries found in the city, exhibit the rarest collections from all over the world. The main museums are San Francisco museum of modern art, de Young Musician and California Academy of science. Visiting these places will be not only a source of information but also a pleasing experience indeed.

The beaches of this fantastic land are just matchless. Beaches of this location are famed all around the world for their great beach environment. Summer time is best to have a sunbath on the beaches. Among the must visit ones are the Baker Beach and the China Beach, the safest of all for families. You can enjoy low tides, surfing and skate here as the water is shallow, unlike the other beaches. These beaches are also fascinating as the lands end, that is a hidden gem is almost never crowded much and the best place for hiking and sunbathing.

Other attractions:

The Golden city has many other attractions that will turn your visit a long lasting memory that will always be a source of a smile on your face. Other places to visit are:

  • Golden Gate bridge
  • Batter Godfrey
  • Golden Gate Park
  • Palace of Fine Arts
  • Yoda Foundation
  • Painted Ladies

Make sure that you and your family hire a bike to have a bike ride through china town and Fisherman’s Wharf. The city is Indeed a Golden city that promotes tourism and must be the very next on your tour list. Summer is the best time for that. So pack up and sketch some golden memories in the golden city, as you cruise to San Francisco.

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