The mystic land of Thailand

For all the crazy and fun loving people out there,..

The mystic land of Thailand

For all the crazy and fun loving people out there, what else can be an ideal holiday destination for you other than Thailand? It is a perfect place where you can either dance the night away or surf the beaches and sunbath the whole day. So, cruise to the Singapore and head towards the majestic land of Thailand to fill your lives with the ultimate fun, adventure and a whole new level of experiences.

Must see destinations:

Thailand is a place that never fails to surprise its guests. Either it is about the floating markets, giant buddha statues, artistic masterpieces, exotic beaches or the lively city life; you will be having as much fun as you explore every element there. If you decide to cruise to the Singapore and head towards Thailand, make sure to have a visit to these places;

The Phuket:

Many people might have thought that this country is too busy and modernised to be an ideal holiday destination, but it is not true. Phuket is a magical place and opposite the city hustles. It is a clean calm, the dreamy island where you can see the underwater life clearly without diving to the bottom. It will be the exciting experience of boating in a transparent boat and float on a crystal clear water while viewing fishes swimming around you. Yes, you can feel yourself like a mermaid here.

Not only this, furthermore it is surrounded by 15 untouched and beautiful islands, each with its peculiarity. Phuket and the other charming isles boast gorgeous scenery, landscapes, beach resorts and lush green mountains peaks. Not only these scenic views are a feast for the eyes but also offer a wide range of activities to lighten up your holidays. So, your plan for Thailand explorations via cruising to the Singapore is not going to be wasted on something you don’t want to enjoy.

The Phi Phi Island:

With the fascinating beaches and breathtaking scenic views, Phi Phi is the must island to be explored after exploring Phuket Island. Situated 25 miles away from the Andaman Sea, it is best for adventure, family hangout, water sports, photography, diving and even for mountain climbing. The guided tours will help you a lot in exploring these islands to the fullest in minimal span of time. Indeed these places are a picturesque destination with an abundance of beautiful landscape. One can enjoy swimming in the clear turquoise warm water or love to take pictures from the cliff that shields the white sandy beach.

Other than visiting specific places and sweating yourself in crowded tourists destinations, there are few traditional thing that you can also enjoy. Like the boating experiences, one is a transparent boat that tends to help you see the aquatic life under your feet and without getting wet. Another one is the wooden hut like boats that are giving a royal tour to sail along the coast and have fun. In short, Cruising to the Singapore for Thailand explorations will be the enchanting, most fun and adventurous experience of your life.

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