The religious attractions in Venice

Venice and Italy are world’s hot tourist's spot. Not because..

The religious attractions in Venice

Venice and Italy are world’s hot tourist’s spot. Not because there are exotic destinations to have but also because they have historic buildings depicting previous life in the most artistic way. These are linked to some of the religious events as well as to some significant social royal events. If you cruise to Venice in 2017, make sure to have a glance of such buildings.

Scuola Grande di San Rocco – Museum in San Polo & Santa Croce

This splendid artistic museum documents the life of Mary on a beautiful ceiling panel of Assembly Hall, which is unmatched art in the whole world. In addition to these, the New and Old Testaments are beautifully painted alongside the Sala Grande Superiore stairs. Various religiously highlighted events are portrayed throughout the museum. Like the chronological order of Christ’s life,  the miraculous fall of manna in the desert, Daniel’s salvation by angels, Agony in the Garden and many other architectural and artistic splendours. Even is you plan a visit to Venice via short cruises, make sure to give a quick glance to these sights.

Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta – church in Murano, Burano & the Northern Islands

It is the lagoon’s oldest Byzantine-Romanesque church, portraying an unusual Last Judgement scene, ironically. Another richly decorated chapel is placed to the right side of this building, presenting Christ flanked by two angels, and different saints are painted with symbolic plants like wheat and grapes representing the wine and bread, poppies and lilies representing purity. Marble floors are designed in interlocking wheels swirling masterpieces, symbolising eternal life. For heavenly views over the swampy islands, there is also an opportunity to climb the Campanile to have a fascinating insight of the city.

Cappella Degli Scrovegni – Church in Padua

This church is a great Renaissance masterpiece of Italy. Before you enter the church, some helpful insights are provided by 10-minute introductory video. Giotto’s moving, modern approach helped change thinking of people as vessels for the divine but with flaws.

Basilica di San Marco – Cathedral in San Marco

It is an unforgettable sight with a profusion of bright, shimmery mosaics and domes of Venice’s cathedral. The walls classed in marbles exported from Palestine, Egypt and Syria while the dome is designed in classic layouts. The view is breathtaking when the sun’s dying rays set the golden mosaics ablaze. The basilica’s glittering ceiling mosaics are mostly made with 24-carat gold leaf fused onto the back of the glass to represent divine light and give a bright scene just before sunset. Three golden domes are also present inside the church

Cruises to Venice Italy offer you to have more than just a day off on holidays. There is a complete package of travelling to a new land, exploring the new currents with cruises to Venice in 2017-2018 and having fun along with some impressive artistic knowledge of religion. Even if you are not the follower of Christianity, these places are still enchanting as being a masterpiece. So, plan your holiday’s tour in Venice today for the splendid days.

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