Top Three Resorts In Jamaica For Holidays 2017

The resorts at the north of Montego Bay and Ochi..

Top Three Resorts In Jamaica For Holidays 2017

The resorts at the north of Montego Bay and Ochi Rios and the resort of Negril at the western side enjoy a tropical climate with lovely mountains. It provides protection and safe resume from worst conditions of rain and windy weather.

Montego Bay:

Also known as MoBay, it is the second largest town of the Jamaica region. It is famous place to settle in the groove of Jamaica. Travelling to Jamaica with joint fellow as they are vibrant in fun at the hip strip, you can enjoy dance, drink and eat there at Margaritavilla. It is famous place for its waterfall slides, or soak up live music at the beat jazz bar and enjoy boating on the beach doctor cave. People are friendly and love to help travellers any time. They are ready to welcome their guest with smiling face. For this reason, locals and tourists enjoy great party experience there.

At every morning of sun rising time, you can reserve pirate cruise of morning. If you are adventurous, taking to the breath-taking 70 feet schooner, you will learn a lot about calico jack and lady pirates. Your visit to Montego Bay will be incomplete if you would not visit Greenwood Great House there.

You can enjoy the great taste of Jamaican food there. However, take the taste of authentic Caribbean food.  You follow the scent of pimento in street side stands wherein you can enjoy the taste of aromatic jerk of beef and chicken. Your will prefer homemade beef Pattie, and red stripe. Whatever you like, international food cuisine is always there to satisfy your appetite.


Driving towards the southwest from Montego Bay, you will view the enchanting ruins of estates such as you head to the legendary mile beach located at Negril. Here on the west island trip, you may indulge yourself by living in a lovely hotel resorts on the northern side or reserve a room in small cliff hotels on the southern part. Whenever you would like to stay there, a trip to wonderful cliffs will be on your checklist, probably to view the exhilarating jumping displays while listening reggae live at Rick café. At the evening, you should not miss the greatest wonders of the nature, the legendary sunset at Negril.

Ocho Rios:

From rocky gorges to waterfalls, stunning and lovely Ochi Rios is the place to visit and enjoy. Once you are first time, seek the assistance of a local guide to take you to the impressive Dunn’s river falls where crystal blue water 600 feet below, you will enjoy the great sightseeing views of sea life there. Whether it is relaxed vibe, mouth water cuisine food, thumbing reggae beat, and balmy climate, there are thousands of reasons to travel to Ochi Jamaican Luxury Resort. It gives you great time to spend in fun and excitements. You will enjoy dinner parties for friends, family, visiting vibrant markets, travelling to different islands and many more.

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