Travel back in time in Italy

Exploring and visiting places not only provides one with the..

Travel back in time in Italy

Exploring and visiting places not only provides one with the opportunity to appreciate the wonders of modern time but also is a way of knowing people that lived here long ago. It gives an opportunity to experience how their lives were in ancient days. Travelling to places that are famous for their culture and old buildings, takes one back in time. Italy is like those locations. Being the hub of ancient Roman civilisation, it is no doubt a place with most heritage sites in the world. From monuments to the masterpieces of the geniuses of old Roman civilisation, the country is surely a place to explore. Cruising to Italy is going to be an adventurous travel option.

Travelling back in time:

Cruising to the Italy, an ancient city with appreciating wonders of Roman civilisation is going to take you back in time. This place is full of monuments, cultural centres and state of the art buildings. The main historical explorations are:

Pompeii: As soon as you cruise to Italy, you will feel yourself to have travelled back in time by some time machine as the time is frozen here in this city to about 2000 years ago when the volcano here erupted once. It covered everything from tables, chairs to human beings in ashes and soil and somehow captured the time. It is all preserved like that here. Visiting and viewing this one of the most visited tourist attraction is a unique experience indeed.

Colosseum: The iconic symbol of Italy is Colosseum. It is an amphitheatre built by a Roman king that has the capacity of holding 50000 spectators. It was a battlefield where many brutal fights were fought, and people enjoyed them. As soon as you reach this historical place, you feel like being at the time when the arena was alive, and everyone used to witness those fights between the warriors.

Not only this, many other places in the country are a symbol of the Roman civilisation. Cities like Rome, Venice and Florence are full of architectural masterpieces of the golden minds of the past.

Other explorations:

History is not the only thing that Italians can boast off rather there are beautiful landscapes, beaches, shopping malls and restaurants too. Among the places that you must not forget to visit while in Italy are Manarola, Leaning tower of Pisa, Lake Como, Positano, Piazza del Campo and the city of waters, Venice. Everything has a romantic sense in it, and it is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

If adventure is what you long for and want to make your journey a memorable one, cruising to Italy is the option to choose for you. Cruising is an experience like no one. Travelling through water enjoying the services of the best staff on board is truly a royal experience. So get ready, recharge your cameras and let’s get back in time.

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