Venice Carnival Festival and boating explorations

Cruises to Venice in July 2017 and 2018 offers a..

Venice Carnival Festival and boating explorations

Cruises to Venice in July 2017 and 2018 offers a tremendous opportunity to enjoy the biggest cultural festival of the year. The Carnival festival is the most colourful event of the year in Italy providing a joyful boating experience to the tourists from all around the world. Rowing a traditional shrimped-tailed boat and discovering the traditional restaurants, bars and shops alongside the canals within the city is a treat in itself. But when you cruise to Venice around May and June in 2018, you will be able to enjoy a grand opening and celebration at St mark’s square.

Venice Carnival- The Grand Opening:

During the opening ceremony, thousands of people gather to celebrate an enchanting boating festival. The celebrations are continued throughout the nights for days. The people are dressed up and masked, and the sky is filled with fireworks. In traditional red and white shirts with straw hats, bands play music and fill the air with cultural and sophisticated elegance. A flotilla of boat sails in the canals around the city and hundreds of tourists and native people gathered alongside canals to view these beautifully decorated boats. They are all specially converted into animals, birds and other cheerful characters. Together they all sail towards the St. Square for final celebrations which include a program of parades, gala dinners, music events, and masked balls dances.


Imagine a beautiful sight, alongside water canals, sitting on the comfy arrangements of a local restaurant in Venice. There are traditional flavours spread in front of you, and the air is filled with good ambience. Meanwhile, you are enjoying being among the Masked people, most of them dressed as the characters of the Shakespeare play. All the setup is making you feel in the machine time back to the 19th century. At the same time, the darkness of night is filled with the beautiful lighting of fireworks, and in the canal, you see decorated ships with all the local music and colours for display. Music, airborne displays, acrobats acts above the water, bright images display on the walls landmarks and homes in the historic city. Thus the party continued for the whole night. The citizens also light candles in the Salute church at the end of the festival.

The cruises to Venice between September to October will allow you to enjoy another festival like Festa Del Redentore namely the Festa Della Salute. To be a part of this celebration or just to take a ride there is the Vaporetto, public water bus to take you around the city. To indulge in city’s delights, strolling in the water canals and from villages of Tuscany’s medieval to the Cinque Terre, floating pass the villas near Lake Como and much more splendours.

The cruises to Venice in 2017 and 2018 are perfect to view the masterpieces of a Florence and ancient Rome grandeurs. Explore lakes, villas, shops, towns and enjoy the local festivals to the fullest. The pleasure will become unforgettable with every minute you spent sailing around the city canals.




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