Viking® | Rhine River Cruise Review | with the Skinners

Viking® Rhine River Cruise Review with Rich & Linda Skinner.

 Travel experts and co-owners of Cruise Holidays of Woodinville, Rich and Linda Skinner, join Ken of Ask a Real Travel Expert to review their recent Rhine River cruises with Viking River Cruises. Come aboard the Viking Eir for a seven-day river cruise from Basel to Amsterdam. Rich and Linda detail the voyage and must-see destinations along the way such as the Rhine Gorge, Strasbourg and Kinderdijk. Rich and Linda offer valuable river cruise tips for gratuities, what to expect on board, whats included, and the level of service to expect on a Viking River cruise. Check out their optional tour in Lucerne to Säntis for breathtaking views of the Alps.

If you are thinking about taking that Rhine River cruise, this may be just what you have been looking for! 

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