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A Breath of Fresh Air for Royal Caribbean Group

Sciences Leads the Way for Royal Caribbean Group’s HVAC System Most of us are familiar with Royal Caribbean International and their fleet of  cruise ships that sail the seven seas. You may not be quite so familiar with the parent company Royal Caribbean Group which encompasses several cruise lines to include: Royal [...]

A Breath of Fresh Air for Royal Caribbean Group2021-03-02T19:25:25+00:00

Armchair Exploring Chapter 22

As the weather turns cooler and fall transitions to winter, we’re fielding more calls from travelers just like you who are in desperate need of a warm-weather getaway. Whether you are looking to make up for lost adventures or create some new memories, the options to escape continue to expand.

Armchair Exploring Chapter 222020-12-03T21:38:45+00:00

Armchair Exploring Chapter 21

We hear from people every day how much you want to travel again. You want nothing more than to escape the monotony of your hometown, explore a new destination, dive into exciting cultures or simply relax at a resort...

Armchair Exploring Chapter 212020-09-10T20:06:35+00:00

Armchair Exploring Chapter 20

The world is full of epic wonders, majestic creatures and distant cultures. To encounter them in person — to stand in awe on the rim of the Grand Canyon, watch a herd of elephants amble across the savannah, se — memories that last a lifetime...

Armchair Exploring Chapter 202020-08-20T19:04:53+00:00

Armchair Exploring Chapter 19

Reading books and watching videos is a great introduction to different cultures, but nothing replaces experiencing them in real life. Only when you travel to a new land and experience their distinctive ways of life, their unique points of view and how they thrive in ....

Armchair Exploring Chapter 192020-08-13T19:42:57+00:00

Armchair Exploring Chapter 18

We’ve paired four celebration-worthy milestones with some of our favorite journeys. Both close to home and far afield, these trips will renew your sense of wonder, open your eyes to the world around you, and provide the inspiration for memories that will last a lifetime.

Armchair Exploring Chapter 182020-08-06T18:37:13+00:00

Armchair Exploring Chapter 17

Variety is the spice of life. When we vacation, we fill our days with a bountiful variety of new flavors in the destinations we explore. We sample local cuisines and exotic beverages to expand both our minds and our palates, thus introducing new sensations that deepen our appreciation for life. Dream Now, Travel Later!

Armchair Exploring Chapter 172020-07-30T16:35:06+00:00

Armchair Exploring Chapter 16

It’s one thing to see famous statues, iconic buildings and famous boulevards in the background of Instagram pictures. But it’s another to see them firsthand, to stand next to the world’s greatest sights and truly understand their true importance, history and artistry. Dream Now, Travel Later!

Armchair Exploring Chapter 162020-07-23T16:13:58+00:00

Armchair Exploring Chapter 15

Like pioneers and astronauts, there is a gut feeling deep down in all of us to embark into the unknown, to explore exotic destinations and to take spiritual journeys that help us gain unique perspectives about our world and ourselves. It’s one of the main reasons we vacation today, whether alone or with friends and family. Dream Now, Travel Later!

Armchair Exploring Chapter 152020-07-16T16:02:54+00:00

Armchair Exploring Chapter 14

Often times, the destination of our vacation is not as important as the travelers we spend it with. Time away from the hustle and bustle is time together with family and friends, allowing us to form deeper connections with people who enrich our lives. Until next week … Dream Now, Travel Later!

Armchair Exploring Chapter 142020-07-10T12:07:51+00:00
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