The Quaint Town of Rüdesheim am Rhine

A popular stopping spot for any Rhine River cruise is Rüdesheim, or Rüdesheim am Rhine, located at the eastern bank of the Rhine Gorge not far from the Lorelei. It is surrounded by vineyards and lies below the towering Niederwald.

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Enchanting Strasbourg, France

One visits many memorable cities whilst on a Rhine River cruise, but a personal favorite is Strasbourg in France. Its name does not sound French but like many border cities, it has a very ‘To and Fro" past. A guide on a boat tour ...

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Lyon, City of Lights

Perhaps no city will be more memorable than Lyon as one of your ports of call on any south of France river cruise that sails the Saone or Rhone rivers.

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River Cruises – Fun for All Ages

Have you been on a river cruise yet? Do you think it is just the choice of older, retired pensioners on vacation? If you have never been on a river cruise, or haven’t been in a few years, you may be surprised to find it is a vacation choice for all types of people ...

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Arles, France

Arles Ancient Roman City in France It is amazing how the cities along the Rhone and Saone can all be in the same country – sometimes the same region – and can be so different. Cruise along the rivers from Avignon to Chalon-sur-Saone, and you will never be at [...]

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Eight Reasons to Visit Normandy

Eight Reasons to Visit Normandy     In this article, we will explore that region of France to the north west of Paris, the area known as Normandy. This area of France is well known for a number of reasons and is definitely worth a visit. Here are a few [...]

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The Christmas Markets of Europe

The Christmas Markets of Europe   In North America, the time approaching Christmas is usually fraught with Christmas gift lists and the mad scramble to buy, buy, buy. Often this time is stressful and many complain it takes the joy and meaning from the season. If this is the scenario that will [...]

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Theme Cruises

Themed Cruises When was the last time you vacationed in your favorite part of the world and saw a rock and roll singer or a country singer in concert? Or attended a Star Trek or Sci-Fi convention ? Or met a legend of baseball, your dream of a lifetime? Or took the [...]

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Wine Themed River Cruises

A Wine Themed River Cruise When it comes to wine, this writer has a difficult time keeping his Merlots straight from his Zinfandels, and whether you should serve red wine with meat – or is it white with meat,and red with fish? What I do know for sure is that I enjoy a fine glass [...]

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The Dragon Jewels of Ha Long Bay

Halong Bay is one of those world landmarks that are readily recognisable by people all over the world. It is easy to see how this body of water off the country of Vietnam became one of UNESO’s World Heritage sites. It has been called the most beautiful bay in the world.

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