Malaga Spain

Málaga, Spain

Where is Málaga?

Málaga is the capital city of the Spanish province of the same name. It lies in the Andalusian region of Spain on the southern coast bordering the Alboran Sea, which is part of the Mediterranean. It is about equidistant from two more well-known points: Marbella, aslo on the coast, and Granada, which is inland. Málaga is in the area of Spain more familiarly referred to as the “Costa Del Sol”, the coast of the sun.

Malaga Spain Alcazaba

Alcazaba with Roman amphitheatre below (Image: Fernando Tavora on UnSplash)

Malaga Spain castle

Colmares Monument Castle dedicated to Christopher Columbus
(Image: Bigstock)

What is Málaga’s History?

Málaga is one of the oldest continually-inhabited cities in the world with its history going back some 2800 years. Walls of an ancient Phoenician city can be seen in the basement of the Museo Picasso Málaga. (For art lovers information, Málaga is Picasso’s birthplace.) There’s ruins of a Roman amphitheatre, the Moorish Castle Gibralfo, the Alcazaba (fortress and royal residence). and of course, many cathedrals. The latter vary in architectural influence of the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish faiths and some are lavishly Baroque. All of these places mentioned are definitely worthy of a visit.

Malaga Spain Beach

A beach near the city (Image: Reiseuhu on UnSplash)

Malaga Spain cathedral interior

A breathtaking cathedral interior (Image: Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz on UnSplash)

What is Málaga Famous For?

In addition to its history on display, Málaga is famous for its music, culture, and beaches. Spend your sunny days on the Playa de la Caleta under a beach umbrella or enjoy a water sport. Stroll the Plaza de la Merced, sample tasty seafood and sip Spanish wine in the nearby restaurants, and peruse the street market. In the evening enjoy a flamenco show or nightclub. Málaga is a party town when the sun goes down.

Malaga Spain plaza with cafe

Plaza with people eating in a cafe (Image: Jesper Brouwers on UnSplash)

Malaga Spain espestos

Espestos – Sardines or other small fish grilled over open fires
– a Málagas specialty (Image: Pixabay)

Quick Tips To Go

  • English is widely spoken (English tourists love the Costa Del Sol) but try out your Spanish if you can.
  • Summer on the Costa Del Sol is beyond busy and Málaga is no exception. Try out a shoulder season visit if you can. There is more precipitation then (not that there is ever much) but the temperatures may be more tolerable along with the crowds.
  • Remember Spain is getting very strict on where tourists can wear their beach clothes. It is not advised to wear swim attire or go bare-chested anywhere but on the beach itself, and that restriction includes beach-side promenades. The fines can get quite hefty.
  • Drunkenness and rowdyism is not tolerated and can also result in fines. Be careful to stick to legal clubs and parties.
  • LBGTQ tourists are very welcome.
  • Take Euros with you to spend and the good news is, this area is quite affordable, more that is supposedly thought.
  • If visiting in August, do try to attend the Feria de Málaga, Málaga’s premier festival highlighting the best in its culture, food and music.
  • If visiting in the off season, plan to be there the week prior to Lent (usually February) and take in the Fiestas de Carnaval.
  • Not visiting by cruise ship and flying in instead? Spain’s oldest and still in use airport is the Málaga-Costa Del Sol International Airport. It has great transport links to the city by bus or suburban train. And Málaga itself is well-served to the rest of Spain by modern highways and high-speed trains.
Malaga Spain rider in festival

A scene from the Feria de Málaga (Image: Al Quino on UnSplash)

Malaga Spain flamenco dresses

Traditional dresses hung out to dry (Image: Al Quino on UnSplash)

Your Spain vacation can be much more enjoyable if you leave the details to your travel advisor. Then can you not only lie back and relax on the sunny beaches of Málaga, but also relax in the months preceding your trip knowing you are in good hands and someone else is doing all the legwork for you, often for no charge.

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Header image of an aerial view of Málaga with bullring, center, is courtesy of Pixabay. Article first appeared on Real Travel Experts.