Solo Travel Offers

Solo Travel offers. Many of us are “solo” travelers, either by circumstances or choice.  We’re not looking for a partner or a singles scene, but maybe other solo travelers that share our destination or activity choices.  Travel industry prices often assume two passengers in a room and traveling alone can be an extra cost burden.  Cruise Holiday’s of Woodinville is not only looking for opportunities to overcome those pricing obstacles but also to build a community of solo travelers that enjoy each other.

As a solo traveler, you enjoy the freedom of going where you want, when you want and for how long you want. You get to decide for yourself what to do and when to do it.  You may enjoy learning about new places or the thrill of mastering the subway system in London in order to get yourself around; building confidence, expanding your horizons and spending your money exactly as you wish.

More and more cruise lines are building ships with “Single” accommodations and others are waiving or reducing “single supplement” pricing.  If you are looking for a pricing advantage when traveling alone, or are looking for like minded travelers that share an favorite activity like cooking or destination like Europe; please explore these offers and join our SOLO travelers group.  We’ll try to keep you up on sales and specials.